7 secrets of Letting Go (Chakras Guide)
What in the past holds you back?
7 secrets of Letting Go (Chakras Guide)
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Letting go is a topic on a demand right now. 

First because of the energies we experience. Second because of the way the world is changing right now. It requires more and more emotional intelligence from us, global view and deep understanding of situations. When we hold on tight to a situation or person, we can't do this. Simply because our brain is wired to concentrate on any emotional attachments and aren't able to activate its other parts that are responsible for the important skills as seeing situations from a different angle or finding solutions


Attachments are bad for you. I know, when you experience hard emotions or resentment you literally want to hit the person (hit hard) who is telling you something like: "You need to let go...". Really? How have you figured?!! I am the same way. 

When you feel all the pain, feel it, let it be. It is here to teach you. But don't let yourself be stuck. Don't waste your precious energy on obsessing about something. 

From energy perspective every time you feel even slight emotions about a situation or a person you give your energy to people involved. I know it could sound bizarre, but try to remember a time when you were obsessing about something and it was hard to let go. How low was your energy level compared with usual fine days (or if you can't remember what fine days are, compared with your energy level before that matter of attachment?) 


I need to say this. You DESERVE happy, calm, joyful living. You deserve to let go and feel more joy in your life. 


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I want to devote the whole article to blocks that prevent letting go in Solar Plexus Chakra. 


If you want to dive deep Start here:


We talked about blocks and how we can release them in other chakras: 4 Secrets to Letting Go (Chakras Guide)


The reason why I want to devote the separate article to Solar Plexus is that I know that the blocks we hold there are very strong. Solar Plexus is called an inner Sun for a reason, the energy we have in this chakra is really powerful.


I suggest you go through 7 main, most strong blocks that prevent you from releasing any attachment or pain you hold.


1. Block: You gave away your power 

You know this feeling when everything goes great and you can feel how your lungs expand with every breath. You feel that you're capable of anything and you feel your power. 


Sometimes we give away this feeling because of someone. We disrespect, doubt ourselves because someone said something. This is when you give your power away. 


It is a big difference between considering someone's opinion, be grateful for critical feedback and disrespecting yourself. We all make mistakes, I believe it's great when someone helps you to see them. 


Your reaction, your inner attitude is what matters. Noone is perfect and we don't live in a perfect world. You need to have a great amount of love and compassion for yourself first and then to others, so you can truly grow. As this is the only way to admit your mistakes and move forward without criticizing, doubting yourself and giving your energy away.

To release this block:

Sit still, breathe deeply. Try to think about moments when you gave your power away. Imagine how you send the love, light from your heart right now to your heart in that moment. No matter why you did it, say to yourself: "I truly love and appreciate myself. I forgive myself... I take my power back with love and gratitude for the lessons I've learned." 


To work on a deeper  level and fully reclaim your power: Taking Back Energy From The Past Guided Meditation


2. Block: You let to violate your boundaries

If it is really hard for us to let go, it usually means we still haven't found some wisdom, we're supposed to find in this situation. 

I noticed that for many women the lesson is often connected with boundaries. No one taught us what our boundaries are. If a woman is too indifferent and pushy she is an arrogant bitch. If she is too soft and compassionate she's not reliable. 

Many fathers were trying to make a girl stronger by cutting her emotions, but if she was too bossy, she was called names and experienced lots of pressure.  That's why often we don't even know where our personal space ends and we shift between too soft or too harsh. We don't set our boundaries so there is no surprise people violate them and it makes us feel lots of resentment. 

To release this block:

Think where your boundaries are. As for me, I found the balance in the space of an open heart. I try to put any understanding through the heart. I don't let disrespect myself, but I know that behavior of people is ABOUT THEM, not about me. 

I don't need to take everything personally. What is there for me? I ask. What lesson should I learn? I feel compassion because I know any distractive behavior comes from a place of pain.  I try to be compassionate about it, but at the same time keep my personal place protected from negativity. 


I also know that as soon as I experience fear, boundaries disappear, I simply can't hold them. So in any situation where I feel or felt in the past that my boundaries are violated, I ask myself: "What was the fear I've experienced that made me lose balance and take things personally?"

For more effective work I suggest you focus on this two blocks this week. Try to do the simple exercise of taking your power back every morning. Think about your boundaries. 

If your notice that You take things too personally (honestly, show me the woman that doesn't at some point in her life?) or if you feel underappreciated in your relationships or at work because your boundaries are often violated, you might want to get into that and learn how to set boundaries, protect your personal space and fill it with positive energy. 

I honestly think that learning to create and protect your space is an investment for life. Can you imagine being so full not to fall into resentment or disappointment about someone? I can. And this life is much more fun and joyful. The life of fullness is worth the work. How to do the work in a joyful way you can find in a 6-week signature online program. It helped thousands of women, it can help You. The S.P.I.R.I.T. Formula Course.

If you do simple steps described in this article you'll feel that you hold back much less, you'll be more ready for releasing more blocks and we work on them in Part 2. 


Part 2


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