S.P.I.R.I.T formula
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A spirit formula online program help You to understand Your Worth and Balance your career and relationships.

You want to be more appreciated, feel you're worth, raise your value, overcome emptiness and find fulfillment. We have tools and support to help you do exactly that. 


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What is inside
6 highly practica video lessons

Step-by-step exercises

Designed worksheets


More than 100-pages Guide to Self-Worth, filled with science-based research and practical examples

Personal Assistance with all of your questions

You Understand Your Worth

You Find Your Voice

You Learn To Express Yourself

You Connect With Your Power

You Trust Yourself

You Learn To Be Strong And Happy At The Same Time

You Balance Giving And Receiving

You Understand Your Importance On The Planet

You Get In Touch With Your Passionate Side


Are you a driven woman who is overwhelmed with all the amount of things she needs to do, but still feels like her effort doesn’t matter?

A spirit formula online program help You to understand Your Worth and Balance your career and relationships.

You want to be more appreciated, feel you're worth, raise your value, overcome emptiness and find fulfillment. We have tools and support to help you do precisely that.


Who is S.P.I.R.I.T. formula for?


Ten symptoms you're out of balance:

1) You're constantly worried

2) You don't believe that even small things can't be done by someone better than you (even your partner, boyfriend or husband); as a result, you try to control everything

3) However, if you decide to trust them this time, they fail something!

4) You feel exhausted, and you experience too much pressure every day

5) You often can feel the world on your shoulders

6) You snap at someone at least once a day

7) It's hard for you to feel any emotional connection during sex. It is more physical

8) It's tough for you to do nothing or enjoy, takes a long time to relax

9) You feel like the man strong enough for you doesn't EXIST. Just a vanished kind, like dinosaurs.

10) Some girl-talks can irritate you


Six symptoms you don't know your worth:


1) If You're emotional dependent

2) If You feel lonely often

3) If You seek the constant attention of men or close ones

4) If You experience  "heavy" emotions

5) If You are over emotional

6) If You are too sensitive in a negative way


S.P.I.R.I.T. formula can be the answer you were looking for to break the patterns that make you doubt yourself, feel not worth, exhausted, not appreciated, give away all your energy to others.


I am here to help you unleash your gift, your strength, your power. I did it myself, and thousands of women followed. Together we proved that these principles work magic. They can change your life, help you to reconnect with yourself, feel worth and attract what you want.


Almost thousand happy members.


20+ countries.


How the  S.P.I.R.I.T. formula online programme works:


You have access to the whole course the minute you buy it. All the training are online, contained in private members-only part of Womangic.com

SPIRIT formula also includes support with all questions via email, Skype or videos recorded specially for you.

The course is yours for life. There is no rush to finish a lesson in a week. All the updates that will be added to the programme are yours forever and free.

The course consists of highly practical videos, step-by-step exercises, designed worksheets, and meditations. Plus a full version of more than 100-pages Guide to Self-Worth designed especially for visual ladies with irresistible taste who need extra facts, filled with science-based research and examples on how incredible self-made women like Michele Obama and others applied principles of S.P.I.R.I.T. formula to raise.


Why the programme works:


S.P.I.R.I.T. formula is a signature 6-step process that I developed after helping tons of women and summing up all best practices and ideas that worked and radically changed women's lives. S.P.I.R.I.T. formula is six core steps to recognize and own your worth. As well as your gifts and talents.

You will find your voice; the course helps you to communicate what you want with clarity. It's so important to have clarity. When you have clarity and communicate well, you'll have so much more confidence in yourself. One thing I learned and life taught me when you interact with clarity and have confidence; it eliminates confusion.

S.P.I.R.I.T. formula is an acronym; it stands for six core steps to recognizing your worth: Self-Love, Passion, Intuition, Relationships, Inspiration, Trust.


What you will learn, the Curriculum:


Week 1. Self-Love
Everything starts with self-love.  On week one you learn how to love yourself, you connect with your inner strength, recognize the patterns that make you put others first, feel not good enough or like nothing you do matters.

Week 2. Passion
Week two is about finding and recognizing your passion and then living it out as a purpose-filled life. A purposeful life is a life worth living.

You understand your purpose and get in touch with your passionate side.

Week 3. Intuition
Word intuition means inner teacher. No-one knows whats best for you than YOU. On week three you’ll learn how to get in tune with your inner wisdom, unleash the gift of intuition.
If you ever did something you felt wasn’t right for you and then thought: “I knew it!”, you're already intuitive and need some tools to recognize and use it.

Week 4. Relationships
Relationships are what connects the whole Universe. Relationships are key.
Relationship with yourself is the beginning of all.
On a week four, you’ll learn how to use information around you to understand and connect with your core, to change your beliefs and have a mindset that empowers you. You’ll get clear how to use all six principles of S.P.I.R.I.T. formula to build fulfilling, respectful relationships.

Week 5. Inspiration
The word inspiration means "in spirit.” Module 5 is about finding and embracing your inspiration, understanding what inspiration looks like and feels like and what it can do for your life.

On a fifth week, you’ll learn how to restore your energy and connect with your Soul.

Week 6. Trust
It’s critical to know what trust looks like and understand your version of it. Trust empowers you. It gives you confidence as when you trust yourself you know that at the end of the day whatever happens in your life, whatever circumstances are, you will be ok.

On week six you learn how to trust yourself and make choices that always lead to your best interest. You’ll reconnect with your inner woman and the power inside of you.