S.P.I.R.I.T formula
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A 6-week signature online program that helps wholehearted women to build happy relationship and attract the man they want.


During the course people felt
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What is inside
6 video lessons

24 practices 


Live Q&A

Personal Guidance 

Better understanding how relationships work 

Clarity why your man behaves in a certain way or why you can't attract a real partner in your life

More appreciation and respect in your relationship 

How to be strong and happy at the same time 

How to attract a love in your life and how to use your energy to attract things you want 

How to trust yourself and make better decisions 


A spirit formula online program helped thousands of women to build a happy relationship and attract the man they want. You can be one of them.


If you are ready to be more loved and appreciated, to inspire and attract what you want, this is your time. There is no better time than now and no better place than this. As I teach you exact technics to unleash your feminine gifts, become more irresistible and fulfilled




But why do you need to learn about female energy in the first place? 


The answer is simple if you live on male energies that are not natural for a woman, you feel exhausted, disconnected, underappreciated, unsatisfied with your life. You don’t know why relationships don’t work for you or why you attract wrong men


Let’s do a little test and see whether you live on male energies and need this course. 


The symptoms that you live on male energy and suppress your female side: 


1) You're constantly worried 


2) You don't believe that even small things can't be done by someone better than you (even your partner, boyfriend or husband), as the result you try to control everything 


3) But if you decide to trust them this time,  they definitely fail something!


4) You feel exhausted and you experience too much pressure every day


5) You often can literally feel the world on your shoulders


6) You snap at someone at least once a day 


7) It's hard for you to feel any emotional connection during sex, it's more physical 


8) It's really hard for you to do nothing or just enjoy, takes a long time to relax 


9) You feel like the man strong enough for you doesn't EXIST. Just a vanished kind, like dinosaurs. 


10) Some girl-talks can really irritate you


Do you find any of those? I see so many women with amazing talent and great potential, successful and gorgeous, who can’t find the partner they deserve because they lost connection with their femininity. It's my mission and my dream to see women empowered, happy, joyful. 


Another side of imbalance that says that you use don’t know how to use your female side and it rules you:


1) being emotional dependent


2) feeling lonely often 


3) seek the constant attention of men or close ones


4) experiencing  "heavy" emotions 


5) being over emotional 


6) being too sensitive in a negative way


There are many benefits and gifts that only a Woman can do in the world. And in this course, you will know what they are. 


There are things only female energy can bring to relationships and if you lack this energy or demand it from your man you experience breakup after breakup or simply don’t do the “love thing” at all. 


I am not going to teach you anything connected with dependence. Dependance is a word many people associate with femininity. I am here to change it forever and teach You what an incredible, infinite power you have by the right of being born a Woman. 


 I am here to help you unleash your female gift, your strength, your power. I did it myself and thousands of women followed. Together we proved that these principles work magic. They have the power to change your life and make You the center of attention of any man in the world. 


Ready to learn how to do that? 


Here is how the course work. 


You have an access to the whole course the minute you buy it. It is recommended to start a program, in the beginning of the week. If you start on Monday, then on Monday you watch the video and look through the exercises. On Tuesday you start the first exercise and repeat it until the end of the week. Each day you add a new exercise to do. The practices are very simple and easy to do so it won’t take too much time. If you have any questions, you ask them on the go. We’re always here to help and guide You. We help you with your personal situation and assist in applying what you learn to anything you need to deal with in your relationship or work. 


Even if you can’t do the lesson in a week, this is absolutely fine. You can finish one lesson and start the other at your own pace. The course is yours for life. It is recommended to do 1-2 days break between lessons, so you can rest and absorb information. 


Through video you’ll understand what is female energy, why is that powerful and how You personally can use this power every day. You’ll learn why relationships in your life don’t work and how you can change it.


Together we start to change things you are not happy about in your relationship from the day 1. You will see real results and miracles unfolding in your life. Your partner will start reacting to your energy and you see him change to more attentive and appreciative man, who cares about your feelings and can't wait to surprise you with a next present. You'll notice attention from men you never saw before and enjoy your inner power bringing you peace and clarity. You'll be able to attract things you wanted and enjoy being "a muse" for people around you. You start glowing. This is a fact. More than half of our students get asked after a few weeks in a course: "What cream are you using now...?! Your face is shining! What is happening with you? Are you high?!"


They just say: "Yes! I am! And now this is constant!!" 


This is what female energy brings to your life. The World can't wait for you to make the step and learn about it! 


This is your time! Enroll in the course now.