4 Secrets to Letting Go (Chakras Guide)
Your Guide To Letting Go Like A Pro
4 Secrets to Letting Go (Chakras Guide)
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Letting go. It seems it can't be said enough about this.


Especially when it seems like the world and everything around try to MAKE you let go. Sometimes we experience lots of throwbacks of old emotions, fears, and doubts. And this is totally ok. 


We need this recharging and cleaning. I know it could be really hard to see a come back of what worried you especially if it seemed to you that these fears are long gone. It's like if people you don't really enjoy spending time with, would knock your door and station themselves on your couch. It seemed like they stayed in the town you used to live in and they never supposed to find you! You even might be on a different continent! But they still knock your door.


I believe that if you start panicking when you see their faces, it won't solve your problem. Maybe they brought some important message. Maybe they are here NOT to attack you, and they really have something to say. Or they found your lost passport back in that town, I don't know. My point is you probably won't shut down the door straight in their faces and you won't assume that they are here to kill you. 

So why do we get so scared and lost when we experience a slight rebound of old emotions? Maybe they are not here to kill you, maybe they are here just to give you something you lost and need right now. Maybe this is just a last goodbye so you will really KNOW that you let it go. Sometimes we need a proof, don't we? 


Such throwbacks are normal, especially in the intensity of energy we experience right now. But what we often do when we experience some negative emotions, we turn on the running wheel and drawn ourselves in negativity even more! It's like when you have a slight argument with your partner and got so upset that you start to think.... and it seems there is a complete disaster in all areas of your life! Do you know what I mean...? 


That's why it is really important to stay calm and have some tools, not to lose peace completely. 


So today I want to provide some helpful tools and ideas on how you can effectively work with your energy and your chakras to keep your inner core stable and strong. So you can be still in the storm of old emotions and finally let them go. 


Usually, it is much harder to let go because we have blocks in our chakras. Many of our thoughts especially the ones we play on repeat in our mind block the flow of energy we perceive from the Earth and our Soul. The energy simply can't go through our body ( the same as you would put a Stone that covers the river across) The water still flows, but it is much harder. 

As a result, we can dramatize the same situation or be obsessed with the person for ages. 


We talked about it in a more general way in this Energy Practice and Guided Meditation


Now I want to get more specific with it and go through particular blocks of letting go and releasing them in every chakra. 


I know this is a big one for many women. Are you still thinking about that guy from several years ago? Even if you saw him... twice. Yes, I know that it was something special between you...!  I am not in any way saying that it wasn't. What I am saying is that when we're obsessing about something (even a little bit) we give away our energy to that situation or person that even not in our life anymore. Or If this is still in your life... I don't think I need to say how much emotional strength it takes to keep up with it.  


Block: We can't let go if deep inside we believe we can’t do smth without a particular person. O if we don't recognize our own impact on a situation we're obsessed about. We could unconsciously take it as "luck" or fortuity and it makes us deny our power so we don't believe that we can create something like this again. 

For example, you had this beautiful relationship that ended up bringing you lots of pain. You can feel sad, heartbroken for a while. But obsession is different, do you know what I mean? We all go through the process of healing at our own pace and stages and this is totally ok. But when deep inside you know that you already released most of the negative emotions, but still feel that the memories take too much of your energy, you probably don't believe that you can have such a beautiful relationship again. 


How to release this block? 


Any situation good or bad was created by you. I notice that many women (especially most responsible ones) concentrate on the fact that we attract negative event. We understand but for some reason often don't really feel that all positive, beautiful, wonderful in your life was the same way attracted and created BY YOU. 

You attracted this relationship or any other situation. You made this beauty happen. Yes, you needed to learn your lessons and it could be not very pleasant or end up painfully.  But still, You had this good. If you created the good in any area of your life (doesn't matter the end as this is a process of learning and now you're wiser) you will be able to create it AGAIN. 

If you created the good in any area of your life,  you will be able to create it again. 


Block: Something about the situation or person you're obsessed about makes you feel unique. Makes you feel special. It's great when someone or something makes you feel this way, actually, it's amazing. The problem starts when you feel that with someone, but don't really believe it yourself. 

Particular person or circumstances can prove this feeling, remind you of your uniqueness, reflect what your Soul tries to tell you. You can be incredibly grateful and amazed and stunned. But the situation itself isn't WHY you're unique. 

We feel this strong emotional connection to the feeling of significance and this is one of the basic human needs. And this is totally ok to feel that. But you don't need to connect your uniqueness with any person or situation anymore. As soon as we realize reason by reason why we feel so much obsession, we can release and restore our energy. 


You are unique and special. The way you are. Growth is great, changes are important. But you were born with special gifts and talent and you don't need anyone to prove you this. 


How to release this block? 


Deep inside you know how special and unique you're. Even if it seems you don't believe it at all and it seems to you that you are like everyone else sometimes. Deep inside you know it. 

To realize your uniqueness on a more conscious level and understand more about your special talents, try this simple exercise from S.P.I.R.I.T. Formula Course.

Make an inner child list! These small exercises will help you.

Remember yourself when you were around 10. Try to recollect yourself as a kid, get a feeling how it was for you. When you do that, imagine that you appear in the hugest bookstore on the whole planet. They have e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Together with books you get beautiful toys on the topic of your reading, films, and sweets. Bookstore consists of several floors, you see a huge hall, balconies are filled with beautiful books. Shop assistant suggests you a tour, he shows you different departments, a bookstore is divided into sections. All of them are huge. Now you have to choose one section you want to spend most of the time in. You have 5 hours in this shop and you have to spend 3-4 hours just in one section. These are the rules. There are 6 sections you choose from:

  • psychology and self-development
  • body and sports
  • technology and innovation
  • society and organization
  • nature and animals •
  • art and creativity

Your first thought and feeling, which one will it be? Write it down.

Here is your sphere of interest. This is exactly the area where your talents are.  Even if you don't know about them yet. 

What do you like about this topic? What fascinates you most of all? What inspires you?

To talk about it, teach, write, research, develop or create....?

Write it down. This forms an understanding of actions you like to make in the field you enjoy.

Often we forgot what we like to do, don’t notice our talents because we believe if it is easy to do for us, it is easy to do for anyone else. Researchers show what is easy for us is exactly where our talent is. We still need to develop and work on it. But this is exactly what we can develop at the world-class, genius level. The only reason why we often don’t see it is our limiting belief. When we were children we were more open to our true nature, went with the flow easily and instinctively followed our talents.

That’s why the connection with your inner child is so effective. A small girl inside of you doesn’t have all the limiting ideas what she should or shouldn’t do.

The inner child is very significant part of us. The exceptional part of a woman that is responsible for unconditional love, joy, amusement, creativity, and playfulness.

Working hard doesn't need to be exhausting. What working hard is really means passionately, devoted, inspired. 

Connect and explore the beauty of your wonderful, sensitive, loving inner child! It is definitely worth trying!



Block: We usually hold many resentments in this chakra, all pain we experience about love and vulnerability we hold in our heart. 


It is a very important chakra as we open and clean it, the source of love we all have helps us let go easily, with ease and joy. Healing this chakra is fundament in releasing past pain. As we can truly forgive only when we can find the energy of love and acceptance inside.

Many women have a broken perspective about love. For some reason, we believe that an incredible feeling of love we experience comes from a person we are with. We unconsciously connect love with a person we're with. 


But this is not true.  The source of love is YOU


How to release this block? 


Love, care, compassion always have been women’s privilege. Nature granted us with it so we are able to have great energy potential.

We have the talent to transform our energy into any kind of achievement. But for this, we have to learn how to use the Universal source of the divine to fuel and open our own potential.

A woman is a SOURCE of love to the world. It is especially important if you can't let go any pain connected with romantic relationships or men.

The thing is men don't have this level of love women have. That's why when we expect the same intensity of love from a man, we get disappointed. Don't get me wrong a man can love a woman even more than she does. By intensity I mean emotional expression of love both to a woman and in general (to people around, kind, friends, etc). A man can give us many wonderful feelings women lack. But when it comes to love a woman is a source. 


You are a source. The only one to fill the world with love, creativity, and inspiration.

The Love You experience comes from YOU

You don't need to be afraid to lose or let go of a person, memories of past loves or moments of it. Because you are the source. And this source of love ALWAYS stays with you. 




This is a big one. Solar Plexus has a very powerful energy. Especially from the perspective of holding on to something. When we can't let go on the level of this chakra it's about giving away our power, violating our own boundaries, taking way too much responsibility for others, denying our values, dealing with ego and feeling of being unprotected in the world.  I believe It deserves a separate article. Solar Plexus Guide to Letting Go 


Taking Back Energy From The Past Guided Meditation



Block:  Not let's do several simple practical steps. Take a deep breath and think about a situation or person you can't let go. If you have several of them (well, we usually do) choose the most strong one. Try to think about it for a moment (not for long not to dive into any negativity) and feel any uncomfortable feeling in your throat. Usually when we cry we feel tension and prickling in our throat. We feel like we can't express our feelings and can't be ourselves. Have you noticed this uncomfortable pulse in your throat?

It usually happens when we look for the approval of this person when we crave for it often without even realizing it. Throat Chakra is all about expressing your truth and uniqueness. We can't do it when we attach too much importance to the opinion of other people. Wheather it opinion of someone in particular, your parents, society in general. 


It is very hard to let go when this person or situation makes you feel approved. We need this feeling and we don't want to lose it in any way. 


But the truth is You are the only person who can truly give approval to yourself. 


How to release this block? 


Very often with an emotion like seeking an approval the transference is what happens. Transference is a psychological term and an amazing thing. 

We all needed the approval of our parents when we were children. Often we didn't get enough of it, enough attention or love. We all have our own probably little dramatic stories. 

When the wounds were too painful we grow up and transfer this need for approval and attention from our parent to our partner or any other person or even situation. All this happens in deep layers of our subconscious mind and we haven't noticed but started to experience the same resentment to our partner or someone else. It gets us so hard we stuck on it and can't let go. 


The important thing here - if you didn't get it from your parents, you'll never get it. Yes, that's true. You will never find this approval or love or attention in an external world. Never. The only way to heal is to find it INSIDE

To finally approve of your own self, finally, find love to yourself. 

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You don't need anyone's approval, but YOURSELF. This is the main thing 

When you have not attached to the approval anymore it becomes much easier to let go. 

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With Love,