7 secrets of Letting Go. Part 2
  If you were struggling with letting go...Learn what blocks make you obsess about the past.
7 secrets of Letting Go. Part 2
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This is the second part of the article on blocks we have on the level of Solar Plexus chakra. 


First Part: How to stop obsess about the past 


I hope that the exercises you practiced last week and powerful energy practice "Taking back your energy" were helpful! 


Let's continue, go through and release more blocks. 


 3. Block: We feel like we gave too much to the person or situation

Have you ever think something like "I have given to this SO much...! I have given my all! Why in the world it didn't work?!" 

Often this is the emotion that holds you back. It's a very natural human feeling, the more we give, the more we emotionally attach to the situation or a person. But how we can change that? 

And is there any deeper reason behind the resentment that you have given too much? 

Imagine the following situation. You walk in a beautiful garden with a basket full of rich apples. You met someone walking out the forest. His basket is empty so you put one, two apples in it to help him feel energized while he is looking for and picking his own fruits. You show him the way to an apple tree garden and move on. Would you feel resentment about giving away 1-2 fruits from your full basket? 

Or you meet the person. And you see his empty basket. You gasp, how could it happen?! Well, he was lost and ate all his fruits. But in spite of showing him a direction, you start to worry about him and anxiously handle all your apples from your basket to his. "Well... thanks" - he says. And walk away to continue his trip. 

You are happy you helped at first. Then on your way home, you realize you're hungry but don't have any food. You're too tired to go back as spent all your day picking fruits. You stop and sit down upset. How could it happen?! How he could just walk away!? 

Well. No one asked you to give away ALL your fruits! That was more than enough apple trees around for a person you met. But for some reason, you decided that your work isn't worth and you can easily give away what you spent lots of energy collecting. 

Do you see where I am going with this? The idea of giving all apples sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But why do we do the same thing with our energy all the time? 


To release this block:

If you feel resentment about giving too much, put a hand on your solar plexus (stomach area) and with a deep breath ask yourself: "Was it really necessary in that situation?" 

Ask your angels for support and protection. Imagine how you would do things differently in a situation that you can't let go if you had more love and compassion to yourself first and to others

Was your over help really effective for a person?  Or did he/she need to learn their lessons and you took that away and overprotected? 


4. Block: We took too much responsibility 

(that no one asked us to) for the situation and created excessive potential on an energy level.

 What do I mean by that?

Responsibility is a very strong emotion. And often we have it without realizing. It comes from the roots of our childhood or past lives when we were expected to be "good" and "obedient". Many parents don't know how to express love, so when a parent was happy because a kid did it "right", a child mislead it with love and subconscious recorded a pattern: do something that pleases others, have love in return.

Many women try to make those around them happy. I noticed that often we think that helping and making someone's life easier is the same. Think about it for a second... what is helping others means to you? How many times when you help you make their life easier? 

The thing is often when we try to make someone's life easier, we take responsibility for this person or situation. We deny their power to solve it and admit that we are ready to take it on us. 

Often after we learned our lessons, realized that we can help from a place of self-love without solving everything for everyone and respect the power and will of others to do what they choose to when the situation is a long time gone, we still can't let go. We still hold on and feel pain about it. The reason might be that on energy level the responsibility we once took is still there. We haven't refused it. We still have it. 

Imagine that you keep receiving a product that you don't need. You wonder for weeks, why is it still coming to your door, you try to call customer support, but it's too busy. You come back to these thoughts and worries over and over again. You hope it will end next week, but on Sunday you have it delivered to your door. Again! And then suddenly... you realize, all you needed to do is go to the website and cancel the order!!

So this is my suggestion to you. Let's go on the space of your past records and cancel all your order on taking responsibility for others, solving someone's problems and deciding others personal dramas.


To release this block:

Take a deep breath. Count to 5, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think about any person or situation that you took (or taking right now) responsibility for. 

Imagine how this person or situation appear before you. Breathe deeply. Say: "Dear ..., thank you for our lessons in life together, but I don't want to take responsibility for you anymore. I give it back to you". Imagine how you take shoulder-yoke (or any image your subconsciousness gives you) from your shoulders and give it back to this person. He/she takes it and throws it away. You express deep gratitude to this person for the lessons you've learned and for taking away the pressure of responsibility you had. 

With a deep breath, you send love from your heart to this person and cut the cord between you. He/she disappears. 


5. Block: We denied our true values

We denied the true values that are important for us because of the situation or a person and deep inside we can't forgive ourselves for that. We can't let go because we're afraid to admit that betraying ourselves wasn't worth it and as boomerang only gave more pain in the end. 


To release this block:

Think about your values. Write them down if you feel that you need more clarity. 

Put a hand on your heart and say: "I forgive myself...I needed that situation to know what my values are. This lesson is precious. I love and forgive myself..." Imagine how you would behave differently in that situation if you stayed true to what your heart knows to be right. 

It's important for our brain to rewrite old situation. When we emotionally attach to the past we will repeat the pattern again. This is how our brain wired, we repeat what we're emotional about. But when you vividly imagine how you would behave in a more positive way, you give your brain new, more positive emotions and as a result new pattern, behavioral model to rely on. 


6. Block: Our ego is shattered 

Solar Plexus is connected with ego. When we can't let go, often ego is exactly what makes us hold on to the situation.

What do I mean by ego? Ego is what responsible for our identity, importance, and significance in the world. Many spiritual practices say that ego is bad for you. I think it's good when we use in a right way. When we make it one more tool to manifest our unique energy on Earth in a positive way

Ego makes us resist releasing when we believe all good and bad that others do to us is about us, not about them. 

I have a very important truth to tell you. It's all NOT about YOU


To release this block:

Think about the person or situation you can't let go. People involved didn't want to hurt you. It is JUST the level of consciousness he or she is on. Not better or worse. Just different. And this is totally ok, as this person has his own unique experience, his OWN fears, doubts insecurities. We make pain to others ONLY from the place of our own pain. Always. It wasn't about you

He/she just hasn't been able to cope with his own stuff. Even if he was trying to pretend differently. In your heart, you know the truth. It's not about you. 

Your only responsibility is to learn your own lessons. Let it go. 


7. Block: Confidence or feeling of protection is lost  

It's a little bit connected with shifting your own responsibility but from a different perspective.

We have lots of fears, doubts, insecurities about ourselves. This is a very human thing. And i is totally ok. The problem starts when we don't think about this uncertainties and don't work on them. But feel they exist and prevent us from realizing our full potential. And.... we meet a person who makes us feel more confident, more empowered, more protected. We rely on a confidence this person gives us completely. Often we give away our own responsibility, our own spirit. We blame our parents for not raising us confident, our partner for not supporting us or friends for not understanding. I worked with women who had completely devastating situations in their families when they were children. I understand it's hard to overcome and I compassionate to that. But It's only YOUR responsibility to make yourself confident, to feel protected and safe in the world. 

If your parents didn't do it right or your partner wasn't right for you, that's fine. But You are the only one who can give yourself confidence and protection. 

And you deserve to have it. 


To release this block:

Connect with Earth. The energy of the Earth gives us protection and strength. Go to the park, stand still barefoot (if your weather is good, if not it's not necessary). Ask your Soul and your Angels for protection. 

Imagine how your feet chakras and your root chakra (between legs) open up like beautiful flowers. With a deep breath, you take in clear energy from the Earth. Imagine how light goes from the Earth through your feet, root chakra, through all your body up in the air. You are protected. The Universe always takes care of you. Feel the strength of your legs and your spine. Take in as much energy as you feel you need right now. 

Thank Earth from your heart for the energy. Say to yourself: "The Universe always protects me! I am safe" 

If you want to  work on releasing on a deeper level try this free powerful Energy Practice: 

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With Love,