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Womangic is a mindfulness online educational platform for wholehearted successful women in a search for balance between work and life, strength and sensitivity, self-love and service, spiritual and material.

What is in it for you?

We’ll teach You how to bring more mindfulness and fulfillment to your relationship, work and unleash your feminine gifts. Whether you struggle with worrying, tension, misunderstandings in relationships or you can feel a world on your shoulders and look for a bigger meaning in life, it all comes to You and Your inner world. You have the answers and we teach you how to access this place inside your mind and heart, stay calm and enjoy your femininity in your relationship and career. Since you’re here, something tells me that you’re this kind of woman, who is carrying the World. You’re unbelievably kind and helpful... You have an amazingly beautiful heart and spirit, you carry the light with You you try to help as many people as possible.

But maybe you:

  • Don’t know how to take care of yourself
  • Put others first and struggle because they don’t appreciate you enough
  • Struggle to let go some people or your past
  • Confused with all the information out there
  • Look for spirituality that applies to REAL changes in real life
  • Radiate beauty and femininity, but block it as you don’t know how to use it or concerned about the impression you make

If you’re tired to carry The World on your shoulders, to fight with your partner, puzzle your brain trying to understand why he/she behaves like this or why relationships in your life turn out this way, You’re in an exactly right place. We believe women are special and they deserve the best from the Universe by the right of birth. We believe feminine power, kindness, open heart and spiritual strength elevate The World. And help us build not just fabulous careers, but uplift ourselves, our man, and each other. It helps us to have strong happy families where partners inspire and fill each other with energies with both need and thrive for. We believe you can unleash your femininity, fill yourself up, connect with your spirit, find answers to your questions and fulfillment in life through mindfulness and meditation.


About S.P.I.R.I.T Formula
Loved reading this, it was like a ray of hope that I can start on a journey to feel happy, feel more joy, just feel human again. Thank you so much, I look forward to reading more.
About Chakras in a Real Life
Thank you so much, this was an eyes opener.
About Project
Thank you very much for sharing. It is very helpful and important for me all I learn from you. My deepest gratitude


We live in a world of overwhelming amount of information here at Womangic we’re passionate to create a clear space where the best coaches in mindfulness share their knowledge, unique approaches and techniques.


We believe in personal development and changing the mindset. We believe in the power of both feminine and masculine aspects. We know that the greatest happiness comes from tuning in and acting on your potential. And we stand on the ground of true meaningful wholehearted connection between people. It was proven by science and repeated by hundreds of greatest people: Your life is a direct reflection of your mindset. But You have to work on it. You have to be mindful about your beliefs.


We’re excited to provide you clear from noise, easy to use, a full-featured platform where You can learn tips and techniques to do exactly that and keep your mind happy and calm. Here you’ll find online courses, guided meditations, inspiring interviews, tips, tricks, techniques and practical exercises.

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