5 Spiritual Laws of Calmness
How often we struggle with worries? Sometimes they...
5 Spiritual Laws of Calmness
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How often we struggle with worries? Sometimes they seem to roll in the head non-stop. Driving crazy and taking away all energy.

Worries are one the main energy consumers. It seems like these thoughts are just somewhere in the background, but this background noise is one of the reasons that make you feel so exhausted at the end of the day.

I don't believe in short-term solutions. I just never saw them work. "Just stop worrying and focus on something else" almost never works for me. It just doesn't. I want to ask: "What do you mean refocus?! DO YOU THINK I WON'T IF I COULD FOR CHRIST SAKE?!" Then I used to start worrying even more, because well... I can't stop worrying! 

But this is totally ok to worry. This is totally ok to be concerned about something. But it's not ok to get stuck on it or don't even try to find the solutions. Do you feel the difference? You are allowed to worry or be upset until you look for answers and work on it. 

It's ok to worry until you are conscious of the fact that you created it yourself and you have the full power to change a situation. It's going to take time, thoughtful observation and diving inside. And it's ok too. It's great because you can make fun and joy and a very interesting process out of understanding and exploring yourself. 

Life becomes so much different, so much more fascinating when you start this journey of exploring the Universe inside you. The world open doors and what seemed hard becomes easy in a while. 

You still will worry, it's a very human thing. Life will happen, different things, good and bad. But having this core of calmness inside is a precious gift that can't be overestimated. When you have something very strong inside, the inner source where you can come back anytime you need it, your worries become your friends, your guidance to a better you. Knowing that it's much easier to stay calm deep inside, to keep your inner core in a harmony no matter what you are going through. 

To this end, I want to walk you through 5 ideas that will help you to find and keep the core of calmness inside: 

1. Ask yourself questions 

We usually ask other people questions. Look for information, answer outside. But it is the same important to look for it inside. Only you can know what is the real reason behind your worries

It could take some time to figure that out, but if you express a sincere intent to the Universe and your Soul, intent that is beyond victim state, your genuine and strong desire to understand how the heck you created this situation and what you need to do to change it. 

How to express such an intention?

Sit still. Breathe deeply. Ask your Soul for protection. Imagine how for a minute you step out of your worries and anxiety. Just for a moment, you can do it. You can imagine how you stand in a space of sparkling blue light, from there you can say out loud or inwardly:

"Dear Universe, I take full responsibility for this situation, help me to understand how I created it. Show me my negative believes in a good way so I can solve this"

Know, that the answer will come at the right time. Your job is to set a true intention and do your best in keeping calm and confident that you get the best result. Take actions towards your dream. Even small and very small steps matter. The universe will take care of everything else. 

2. Restore the balance at the right moment 

Often we feel deeply irritated and unsatisfied with ourselves. This feeling when you want to redo yourself. Every part of you. Usually, we try to do something about it, take action or push through. But this is exactly the moment when we need to stop, breathe and reflect. Why? Because the result of the actions that come from the intention of self-judgment will reflect intention, not the actions themselves. 

When you for some reason feel bad about yourself, stop and do everything possible to sit still, breathe deeply and restore the balance. 

You can say to yourself: "This is ok to feel it. I know or don't know why, but I will solve it later. I know I will. For now, my main goal is to change the source of my intention. I act and think from a place of love to myself." You can repeat to yourself several times: "I love and approve of myself. It doesn't matter what is happening at this moment, I love and approve of myself." Ask your Angels for help, protection, and love. 

3.  Change your approach to the idea of calmness

We all have different ideas of what harmony of life is. When I ask women about it, I often hear: "Well.. harmony is to be calm all the time... most of the time". But let's face it, this is impossible! And what is more it is probably boring. 

We are humans, emotions are what make our life exciting, rich, interesting. What we need is to choose positive emotions, not to get rid of emotions at all. 

Let's look at the calmness as the way to a happy and fulfilling life, not a destination. This is what stops many women, a subconscious fear to lose this precious bright perception of life. BUT calmness DOESN'T in any way means indifference. 

I invite you to take this idea today and think for a few moments: What ideas do you have about calmness? And do these ideas match your view of true happiness? 

4. Analyze what need you're trying to meet by worrying 

We have 6 basic fundamental human needs that motivate many of our actions. 

  • Certainty 
  • Uncertainty (Variety)
  • Significance 
  • Love and Connection
  • Growth 
  • Contribution  

If you want to learn about them, Tony Robbins talks a lot about it in his videos, many of them are on youtube. 

The idea here is very simple and powerful. We worry about something because one or several of our needs aren't met or threatened.

For example, if you worry that he didn't call your need for love, connection and certainty is threatened. Or if you are deeply concerned whether you will be able to go on a vacation next month, what you are truly worried about is whether you can have some variety you need. 

The importance of every need is different and unique for everyone. That's why what seems fine for you, could be devasting for your friend and you really don't get why she is sooo worried about it. 

What are your 2 most significant needs? 

Next time you worry about something try to think, what need are you trying to meet, what need is threatened right now? 

Try to think of other ways to fulfill this need. It will ease your worries as you know the reason and you will be able to find more solutions. 

5. Let your worries guide you

When you start to look at what worries you as your prompts, not your pain, your life changes.

Have you ever thought that worries aren't obligatory? These aren't what life makes you feel, these what you choose to. But why? I believe when our Soul can't reach us any other way, it sends us guidance in a form of concerns. What negative beliefs we don't want to notice or admit? Your worries are the easiest way to find the negative assumptions that create an unwanted situation. 

For example the same good old-fashioned example. You got into an argument with your partner, let's say it wasn't anything special, but you felt really rejected and lonely. You started to worry that you will break up even if there were no signs of it. 

What negative belief made you worry about it so bad?  Go deeper. Ask yourself about it. Do you believe that men aren't trustworthy or reliable? What image of men do you subconsciously have? Does that image make you doubt your man?

Change your assumptions for positive, write them down in a form of affirmation and try to reprogram your mind to an idea that will serve your good. 

As soon as you change the way you look at your worries, you will find what holds you back from calmness and joy.

Many women who come to Womangic look for more fulfillment in life. Often it includes happy and respectful relationships. In a modern world, we lost connection with our female nature and often struggle because of misunderstandings and lack of clarity, not just in a couple, we lost connection with ourselves. So many amazing women exhaust themselves caring about everyone around, but don't have enough time to understand what they truly want to do, recharge or fill themselves up.

It's unbelievable what a woman who knows herself can do. Anything. Fulfilling relationship, respect, appreciation, abundance is just a natural consequence of reconnecting with female nature.

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