How to Stay Calm In Every Day Life
5 Steps To Achieve Clear And Calm Mind

How often do Your find yourself in a state of a clear mind? 

When your thoughts are in order when you know exactly what you want, what your next step is and You have no doubts You can achieve that? 

Even for a moment. This is a great feeling, right? 

There are many mindfulness practices that help us to achieve this state. 

I love using and practicing them on a daily basis. You find many of them of pages of Womangic. 

But today I want to talk about 5 fundamental habits, patterns of our behaviors that help us not to come back to a calm and clear mind, but to HAVE it. 

It is one thing to thrive for a clear mind and the other to come back to it when you experience challenges. Because you have it most of the time. 

Let’s see what the steps are and practical hints you can start easily implement today. 


1. Grounding

It is important simply because how grounded you're determines how fast (if at all) your unique desires manifest in a material world. 

If you ask why one person does x amount of action and achieve great results and the other one who thrives for a similar thing does twice, three, four times more and doesn’t get even close the answer is: they have different amount of energy. One is more connected to the energy of the Earth and the one less. Actions are important. But the amount of energy you have and put into each action is important too. 

Connection to the Earth is precious. It gives us strength and stamina. 


How to Practice? 

Every day find a minute to connect with the Earth.

On your way to work find a piece of grass. Stand on it for a minute with your eyes closed, feeling the power of the Earth. Take 3-5 deep breaths.  Feel how your heart expands, say to yourself: Mother Earth always cares about me, always provides me with what I need.  Do a grounding meditation. Imagine how the light energy goes through you to the center of the Earth and goes back through you to the cosmos. 

2. Flow 

When you experience flow, You feel connected and powerful. Your work is productive, great insights and ideas are blooming in your mind. Flow isn't just about work. It is also about life. You can experience it anytime. For me, flow is about connection. Feeling connected, protected, full.

Isn't it how we want to feel every day? For some reason, we are used to perceiving flow or feeling of inspiration as moments that come and go.  While Flow is a natural state. Inspiration isn't an accidental guest, it is the one who comes by invitation only. But the problem is we're rarely aware how we invite it or how we sent it away. Sometimes inspiration is like a confused man who tries to understand signals, while a woman isn't even aware she sends them! 

Flow isn't something that just happens, it is something you create. By intentionally inviting flow to your life, you'll notice how it will come more often. It won't always go according to a perfect plan (otherwise life would be pretty boring, right?), but you'll notice yourself sensing a fresh breeze of illumination more and more often. 


How To Practice?

Start exploring moment when you experience flow. What are common patterns? Do you have any triggers? (for me it's coffee). Or does it happen when you do anything specific? 

Work with your sacral chakra, it is all about inspiration and creative energy. 

Start with simple exercises. Put hands on your sacral chakra (womb area). Breathe through your heart, let your body relax. Imagine how you clean and fill your sacral chakra. Ask Yourself: What does inspire me? When do I feel flow?

3. Boundaries

It is very hard to have clear, calm mind when other people interfere with your space all the time. It can be really irritating, upsetting, painful. I get it, I used to struggle with people breaking into my personal space all the time. My problem was I used to think it happened because people are so "impudent". I was sure it was just a natural order of things, some humans are insolent and others are nice... Well, this thinking didn't get me far. It brought me to isolation and depression. Which I believe absolutely unnecessary in spite the fact that we see every other of our role models going through depression and being very proud of overcoming it. 

As much as we have to be proud of it ... I have to say, don't go there in the first place. Why? What is there to prove? Life was made for joy. Somewhere there I realized it wasn't about people being impudent, it is about them responding to the map of my personal space that I drew. No one else, but myself. 

Imagine you're visiting a nice castle. It is always interesting to go inside and see the rooms. All doors are open and you can see a beautiful, antique furniture through the windows. Will you go inside? Remeber there are no stop signs anywhere. Only invitations to come in. If ower of the castle will take offense because you go inside, it would be... confusing, wouldn't it? 

We do exactly the same when we don't set clear boundaries, first in our own head.  


How to Practice?

Activate Your Inner Sun. Work with Your Solar Plexus Chakra. 

If you feel that setting boundaries might be too hard for you, for now, start here. Take back energy stuck in the past and release past resentments. 

4. Emotions  

It might be complicated to have a calm mind when emotions overwhelm you. Or when it feels like too much... do you have this feeling? 

Often it happens simply because we don't let our emotions out. We have so many assumptions about "being emotional", we tend to block emotions even before we recognize them. 

As sensitive people, we can even neglect sensitivity sometimes. If this is your case, I have to suggest you a radical mindset shift. I have to because I know it will change your life for better. I have to because I wish someone told it to me 5 years ago, it would have definitely helped me to be calmer. 

Sensitivity is A gift. And there are so many ways to use sensitivity to expand in love, success and most importantly wisdom... Sensitivity is a language of the Universe to take us deeper and to make us wiser. 

How to Practice?

Many of our negative feelings and emotional blocks are stuck in the heart center. Often it becomes so closed, we can't feel anything at all. It is useful to clear your heart center. 

This everyday super simple practice (it admires me how such a simple exercise can be so profound!) is helpful if you find just a couple of minutes to repeat it every day. Here are simple steps to Heart Breathing

1. Find a quiet place where you feel safe and comfortable. (I go to the bathroom to do it sometimes if I need an urgent calm during the meeting...) 

2. Put a hand on Your Heart. Make several deep breaths.

3. Breathe through Your Heart for a minute, two or as long as you need.

4. Imagine how negative emotions inside your heart clears with flashes of light until you feel your heart widens.

Guided Meditation The Gift Of Sensitivity (Clears Heart Center) 

5. Truth 

Calmness can't exist without clarity of your truth and your values. How well do you know your values? 


How to Practice?

Work with your third eye chakra to open the gift of intuition. Imagine how flashes of light clear space between your eyebrows. Put a hand on your heart. Ask: If I had no past or future, what is my unique truth, what do I believe deep inside? 

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