5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 1. Intention
How to write your own meditations    It’s go...
5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 1. Intention
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It’s good to be able to always reach your calmness tool when you feel worried, to walk in nature or listen to a good guided meditation. But it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes we need actionable fast tools to get rid of worries or anxiety RIGHT NOW! 


Today I want to share with you some practical steps and ideas how you can write your own meditations in the moment you need it most of all. 


I intuitively started this practice when I was a very sensitive kid. I didn’t know what meditation or mindfulness was but needed to calm down somehow. 


It’s a very simple practice and it was helpful to me since. You don’t need any special writing or creative skills. Only a willingness to get over this and find the balance inside. 



Before I go to practical steps, here are some interesting facts about writing (again not a professional writing in any way, but writing for yourself, let’s say out of curiosity) 



  1. Researchers proved that it has a calming effect. 
  2. While all of us use both hemispheres, every person usually has right or left brain more developed. Writing is one of the unique activities that coordinate left and right hemispheres. This act itself slows the process of aging and gives priceless insights as this is how we are able to connect with our subconscious. 
  3. It shapes the mind. As naturally, we don’t have many neural connections between the left and right brain, when we write we form them, which basically makes us smarter.  
  4. Handwriting makes you use more of your brain. "One key difference is movement. That involves the motor cortex of the brain, so ... you are using more of the brain” (Dr. Marc Seifer) 




Ready to try to write your own meditation? Let’s do this. 


And...(oh my my,  you probably know how much I love the word Intention)  it’s all starts from it.


1. Set the right Intention from a right place inside of you


What do I mean by that? The idea is very simple. When we try to manifest or make our mind to something (in this case we ask Universe for the energy, right?). The Universe realizes NOT what we ask for with words or thoughts, or even what you feel in the moment you do it, but the INTENTION that stands behind it. 


For example, you try to manifest more money. But what is behind this desire? Let's take two situations. Your friend wants to manifest more money because she constantly feels insecure in a relationship and wants to be more independent from her partner. What is going to increase in this case? Income or insecurity? 


While you are dreaming of going to let's say... Bali :) You want to go not because you hate your job or you're so tired it hurts or you want to run away, you want to go simply because you love yourself and believe you deserve a nice time! If this is the case Universe will realize your trip as this is the way it increases your INTENTION (which is self-love) through the money. Money here is just the way you chose and asked for the manifestation of your self-love in the material world with a power of free will. 


We all have this power. But until we have our blocks and fears behind what we try to manifest, the high-frequency energy simply can't go through you.  This is why books like "Secret" tells you if you want to realize something you need to repeat the feeling that you already have over and over again. The idea isn't repetition. The idea is that by turning up with a high-frequency energy of your will you let the energy go through. This is a long way. 


The other way is to set your intention right from the moment you start to manifest. Get rid of what blocks you and then express what you really want. 


I believe that meditation and especially writing your own is very, very powerful from this perspective. As when you do you are able to see what exactly blocks you.  It works so effectively simply because you connect with your subconsciousness where our blocks are. But usually, we don't see them because most of the time we operate either on autopilot or on the level of conscious. 


Let’s set the intention together right now. 


Repeat with me: 


“Dear Universe I am ready to receive the answers, I am ready to let go of my worries, understand the reasons behind them and act to improve it. I know you always care about me and give me the best! I trust your guidance. I don’t choose worries anymore. I take a deep breath and I choose solutions. As I deserve it” 


I know it sounds a little too magical, but the main idea is to give your subconscious instructions and direct your attention away from worries. 


If you want to get really serious about it, repeat it every day when you have a chance. You subconscious will love it. 


I will share with You practical steps about the process itself in the next article. I know that the intention is the most important part. To make this process really valuable for you, your body and mind need some time to process the idea and energy you release with it. 


Repeat the Intention in your own words whenever you remember about it. 


The second part will wait for you here: 5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 2


Here are some examples of my written meditations: 


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And some ideas from a great author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: 


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Any text you like, anything that touches you deeply is already a meditation! Try to observe yourself in this moment, slow down for a second, go a little deeper and explore a little more about yourself by simply paying attention to what you feel right here, right now. 


With love, 



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