5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 2
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5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 2
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If you ever wanted to have your own "First-Aid" Anti-Anxiety tool, these ideas might be very helpful for you. 


This is the second part of "5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations"

The first part is: 5 Steps to Writing Your Own Meditations. Part 1. Intention

The second part: You Are Here 

If you already practiced Intention a little bit - great! It's important simply because of this easy step your subconsciousness gets right instructions. (As you know most of our actions are automatic, so setting a right intention from your heart could be fundamental in achieving calmness). When you start to practice writing itself, your brain already have directions and is ready to act according to them. 


Next step will be easy. Open your computer or take a pen and paper! Just do that. Even if you don’t write, even if you never wrote a sentence in your life! (I doubt it:) You were born with a Universe inside of you and you‘re reading this for a reason! Writing could be a great tool for you to explore your own beautiful World. 


And it brings us to step number 2: 


2. Observe your thoughts to widen your Mind 


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on your heart and breathe through it. Breathe deeply until you feel that your chest area and stomach widen a little bit. Sit still. Have you ever tried to observe your thoughts? if yes, it will be easy for you. If no, it will take some training but you’ll easily learn it if put a little effort. 


How to observe your thought? As I am a very visual, everything easy for me in a form of images. You look at yourself in the mirror every day, right? Imagine that you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Stand by your own side and look how you sit, breathe deeply with your eyes closed. Just imagine that you look at your friend sitting there still. The only difference this friend is you. 

Now start to write what you see. Just as you were standing or sitting in front of the mirror and thinking what blouse to choose. It could be very confusing at first, as your brain isn't used to observing yourself from the side consciously. The key word here is consciously. What I want to show you is that you do this all the time without realizing! How many times a day you think how you look, is your make up ok etc? How many times you pass by the mirror and fix your eyes on it during the day? The thing is your brain knows how to do it. You already know how to observe yourself from the side. You just need to bring it from auto mode to realizing that you're already a master of it. You've been practicing it every day. 


Observing your thoughts is very important for any meditative, spiritual practice. As this is how we separate our inner being, the feeling of our Soul from outer circumstances. And only in this space, we can realize what we really want and feel our power as a creator of own lives. 


3.  Connect with your subconsciousness through Morning Pages 


Great recommendations on developing creative part Julia Cameron wrote in her book “The Artist's Way”. Besides many researchers proved that writing is very effective in connection with deeper levels of our mind. This is how we can reach the depth of our own Souls. What often blocks us is an inner critic. 


I will bring here some ideas, that played a very important role in my own life.


All of us have inner critic inside… crazy insane voice, that doesn't stop telling you are not good enough. Brene Brown calls it gremlin. Gremlins talk about shame, guilt, why is everything your fault and how you fail all the time.


Sometimes I wonder if there is one of our goals in life - not just silent this voice, but find where it comes from and decides the reason of it on a deeper level. What we like about great people, their craft yes, sure. But there is something magnetic about this person, their confidence, and self-worth.


As Maya Angelou once said people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


I think the main purpose of morning pages to find how you really want to feel and how you don’t. Some of that is the matter of experience, but if we can skip some hard lessons in life by writing and reflecting, why not to do that?


Writing opens doors to our subconsciousness where many of our talents and amazing gifts are.


It’s a very simple practice of writing 3 pages every morning. Write everything that is on your mind, pain and happiness, gratitudes, what you're angry or upset about. Imagine you slide from big mountains of worries to land on a day free from criticism and worries. More of less so, of course. It’s not going to happen overnight, you probably know it better than anyone.


One more thing about writing so, it enables development of neural connections between the right and lifts brains. These conjunctions were proved to be a skill of genius.


4.  Don't wait for, CREATE Inspiration 


 The second powerful thing Julia advises is creative dates with yourself. Yes, you heard it right, with YOURSELF!


How cool is that, right? Ask your inner child what she wants to do on this date.


What this precious, vulnerable, talented gifted part of you wants to do without judgment or “ADULT” thing?


Roll downhill, swing, go to the museum? Whatever your inner child wants! Anything at all. Let yourself some freedom! When you do that, you will start to slowly open wonderful things inside of you, the whole new world. To do that go and communicate with you. Try to get to know yourself better.


When you connect with your inner child you will vibrate at a higher frequency, translating more joy and the particular energy you need for yourself, your relationship and people around you!


This time we spend truly enjoying and exploring ourselves, letting our inner child be free and happy, usually gives us enormous inspiration and forms a source of energy that we can reach anytime we need to calm down or get rid of worries.


5. Form a source of Energy and harmony and reach it anytime you need 


When you are having a good, calm and relaxing time on your creative day, imagine how you save this energy inside your heart. So when you will need to meditate or write your own meditation, put your hand on your heart, think about a source you formed, imagine how this energy goes from your heart through your body and fills you with support, light, love, and calmness. 


You deserve! You really already have all tools to be your own guru, 

This is just a little reminder that you're, 


With Love,