I am Worth. Meditation in words that will help you to love yourself much more
A Woman is a connector of the Universe. Female ene...
I am Worth. Meditation in words that will help you to love yourself much more
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Imagine, but because of You and just because of You the World has Love, Compassion, Joy, Passion. A Woman is a connector of the Universe. Female energy links higher Energies of the Universe with the material world.


Your existence on the Planet as a female is already very important by itself. You are a provider of high frequencies to the world. Why a woman? 


Let me tell you a secret. Universe realizes itself through a Woman. It chose her as a favorite daughter, as a most trusted friend, as a devoted partner. 


The universe exists by itself, we can't see it or touch until.... It manifests itself through the power of female energy. You can see it everywhere. The ocean, the beautiful garden, the sky full of stars are all expressions of feminine energy on Earth. 


Imagine, but all of it is a part of you. You are the greatest realization of this energy the Universe created. 


It's such a pleasure, such a joy to be female on the Planet. The Word hugs you with pride, joy, and love. The universe covers you with endless love and care. You are a world's favorite daughter, you are it's best creation. 


Your Soul chose feminine body because it knew what a privilege it would be. A privilege of life full of joy and deep connection with nature itself, with the whole Universe, with the deepest levels of your own Soul. 


Nothing can be more beautiful than a woman who knows her own Soul. Who understands that her power lies far beyond her looks, but in the depth of her being, in the distant parts of her Soul. 


She Knows what does it mean to be a female on the Planet. She knows what a great job she does by developing the best parts of her heart, by exploring her own world and creating Universes with her hands. 



Nothing can be better for a man than a woman who knows her Soul and always puts it first. 


Marry a woman who knows the depth of her Soul. 


You’re going to have a lot of choices, gentlemen, about the kind of woman you spend your life with.  I’d suggest you marry a woman who does Kundalini yoga.

Marry a woman who is committed to finding the depth within her own soul, because she’ll be more likely to find the depth within yours.  As she learns to forgive the mistakes she has made, she’ll learn to forgive yours, and in time you will both learn that there are no such things as mistakes, only opportunities to forgive.

Marry a woman who isn’t afraid to rise in the darkness and sing of the light, because she will stand by you during the dark night of your soul and hold a lantern.

Marry a woman who can find her way by moonlight, after rising in the amrit vela for so long, because she will help you navigate the tricky parts of your life with ease.  She has learned to use her soul as a treasure map and is a reliable navigator.

Marry a woman who lets go of her subconscious clutter in meditation and releases the wounds of her past through mantra and kriya, even if those words sound mysterious to you, because she is not afraid of the mysterious places within herself.  You will find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime with her, navigating the waters of her heart and soul as if you are voyaging the seven seas.  She will be the one at the helm of the ship steering fearlessly.

Marry a woman who honors her body through movement, healthy eating and other forms of self-care.  A woman who is comfortable with her own body will make you comfortable with her body too, and together tenderness and sensuality will become great sources of continual joy for you both.

Marry a woman who chants, because she will never be afraid to speak her truth, to raise her voice more often in prayer than in anger, and to speak out when those without voices have something to say.  You must be brave, sir, because a woman who speaks the truth from the depth of her soul will change you and move you to your very core.  You must not fear this change, for her prayer will also be with you, and her prayer will have the strength of a thousand suns.

Marry a woman with a flexible spine and a flexible mind.  You may not understand her when she talks about spinal flex and sufi grind and cat-cow, but you will always understand her when she talks about love, because she will live it and provide you with an example of unconditional devotion to follow.

You will find her in a million places, this magical woman.  You will find her in a yoga studio, yes, but also anywhere that people are in need.  You’ll find her in schools and hospitals, in businesses and in parks, and you’ll notice her because her radiance will nearly blind you.  You might confuse her for a goddess, and who could blame you, especially if you catch her in her full regalia, with white billowing behind her as if she creates her own wind.  Because she does.  She has within her the forces of earth, air, fire, water and ether.   She is the container for the whole Universe.  She can create life.  And together, the life you can create will be beautiful.

And one day, as you live this life together, you may find that you wake in the hours before the rise of the sun just to be with her, and instead find that you finally want to be with yourself, too.  Life will look more beautiful on that day, and luckily, so will she.


If you ever forget how amazing you're, if you ever forget your worth, read it again, 


You a r e W O R T H.


With Love, 




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