Practical Guide to using Sensitivity for Your Success
Sensitivity takes courage, takes strength, it's not just a gift, but very powerful tool...
Practical Guide to using Sensitivity for Your Success
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Have you ever heard: “Oh, you are way too sensitive” or “To achieve something you have to hide your feelings”.


I bet you did. Every woman or girl faced it at least once. Let me ask you. Was anyone who ever told you that your best example of happiness, fulfillment, and accomplishment in life? Not really.


Because all outstanding people know the great law of manifestation. It’s not about what you do or how you do it (while actions are very important), it’s about what you FEEL and what you BELIEVE. You can achieve, blocking your feeling and activating willpower, but it never will be what you really want. The power to feel the world on a deeper level opens up a lot of opportunities and possibilities.


It brings difficulties when we don’t know how to use it right. Most of the times we don’t. We are wired to think we can’t control it and this is exactly why sometimes sensitivity plays against us. It is offended by the fact that we forgot that sensitivity is our friend, not the enemy. Even if sometimes it’s too much and we are overwhelmed with our feelings, this is how we can learn faster. Feeling bad about something definitely means you aren’t at the stage of your life where you can deny your truth and do what you sense to be awful. When you are in a hard situation, your sensitivity is so strong it makes you refocus and find salvation inside of you. This is how we dig deeper and open world we have never known existed inside of us. But only when we are willing to change perspective. It takes courage, time and knowledge so your mind will be able to reprogram old beliefs and find new ways in the amplitude of our subconsciousness.


You don’t get in life what you want, you get what you believe. (Oprah)


5 steps to use sensitivity for Success and Fulfillment: 


1) It helps you understand situations more clearly and differ truth from lies. Because let’s face it, even in the most difficult and mind-blowing situations of your life, deep inside you felt you were making a mistake from the beginning. Mistakes are great, we got better by learning. But big lesson that comes with each of a failure is attention to a whisper of your sensitivity. When we know how to differ the feeling we move along easier and clearer.


2) It helps you to have super effective communication. Connections are very important. When you can feel and understand another person, you are remembered.


This is how our brain wired. We tend to help someone we like and we sympathize with the person when we feel understood.


3) It saves your time. Being sensitive you don’t need too much time to understand it’s not for you and move on. It comes with its difficulties as when you realize you don’t like a new job in a couple of months, you probably feel something is wrong with you. But in the end you see: the sooner you try and move on if it fails for you, the better. Sensitive people find their way faster.


4) It saves you from toxic things. You don’t need to dramatize your life, create stories out of nowhere, keep toxic relationship not to get bored or attach to distractive habits. If you can control and use your sensitivity, you feel the world in its intensity, enjoy simple things and find fulfillment in the variety of life  like gratitude, intimacy with close ones, helping others or long walk alone with the brightness of your world.


5) It helps you to manifest your dreams.  


The Universe realize what we FEEL, our emotions are the impulses to the actualization. Planning and dreaming are good, but what we really FEEL and BELIEVE deep inside of us, this is what really come true. This is where sensitivity is very helpful, what's more, it's essential. If you are sensitive you can produce the exact energy needed to manifest what you want faster. 

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Imagine this, if all this time you were struggling with being too sensitive, too percieving... you don't have to do that anymore! Just remember that sensitivity is your advantage! You were born on this planet so special and sensitive to see the world the way only you do, to use it on your way. Sensitivity protects us from so many things, it keeps us aligned with our Soul. Let's admire that, 

With Love, 


P.S. If you want to work with you sensitivity more, check this Guided Meditation to clean from negative emotions and feel more connected with yourself (it's absolutely free)