3 practical steps to Dream Manifestation
Guide To Manifest Anything You Want
3 practical steps to Dream Manifestation
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So What is manifestation? It is a vision that leads to small actions we can't always recognize as important. But eventually this small, sometimes even unnoticeable actions, bring the result we were manifesting. We can manifest what we want without even realizing how exactly we did it because most of our action (especially small ones) are driven by our subconscious mind. While our subconscious is fuelled by our beliefs about the world. 


We create what we believe in. 


How come? You can ask. Often I hear the concern: I haven't created sh*t that happened with me! How could I make smth so bad to myself? 


Imagine someone who walks the same road every single day. Every day he stumbles upon the exact same block every time and then groans about it till his destination, he gets upset that this stupid block is on his way! Why?! He wonders: "Why do I deserve this? What Am I doing wrong?! Am I a bad person if this block appears on my road every time?!" He keeps thinking every day... 


What would you say to this guy? I bet the same thing I will. CHANGE THE F ROUTE! Or at least go round the block... it is in the SAME place every time!! 


Ridiculous that he doesn't see it, right? But don't we do the same when we repeat similar mistakes and appear in almost identical situations over and over again? Yes, the scenery is more complicated than a block on the road, but the idea is the same. 


The results you create are your unconscious intentions made visibly manifest (Gay Hendricks) 


Let's look at the guy with the block. What his deepest belief will be? He probably doesn't think much about himself, he doesn't believe the world can be good to him. That's why he just can't see that there is an option, his mind is in the fog of his beliefs "of being unworthy". 


That's why one of the most important things about manifestation is understanding your assumptions.  No shortcuts or easy ways. But work with the depth of your mind. Easy manifestation doesn't exist. Sure we can gain some results if we do particular actions, but first, it will be short term and second probability to repeat similar result will be equivalent to... 0.000..1%. As your inner beliefs don't match with what you are trying to manifest! What is the process then? And how we can make manifestation more effective and truly meaningful experience? 


Here are practical steps that work: 


Let's assume you already know what you want to manifest. Better to start from smth simple and visible ( 1000$ for example))) 


1. Start from WHY.



Why do you want to manifest it? How does it correlate with your dearest values and dreams? 



Our assumptions are habits, automated reactions our brain created while it was developing the individual idea of the world, observing people around during our childhood. We keep repeating the same patterns as this is natural for us. Often we prefer the comfort of habit to more happy living. The only way (at least known for now)) to trick our brain and go through habits is consciousness. When understanding of WHY is stronger than the comfort of habit. 




2. Raise your vibrations.


One of the greatest laws of manifestation is very simple - it's FOCUS, the Supreme concentration of all senses and thoughts on what you want. Not from time to time, but on a daily basis, somewhere in the background. The confidence that you is going to get it, which has to become as natural as your everyday routine or weather changes. That has to become YOU. Your nature, your sixth sense or breathe you make.  


When you surf a wave of your dream,  you slightly change yourself for good. To achieve what we want we have to raise our vibrations to the level our desire. Every person, thing, event or condition vibrates with a particular frequency. Your every thought, feeling and emotion have its own vibrations which define the state of your energy system.


That's why people say: Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. 


You already have what you want. You just need to raise your vibrations to the vibrations of desired. 


How to Raise Your Vibrations: 


- meditate 

- listen to classical music (researchers proved that classical music boost activity of the brain). Here is a playlist I love 

- connect with nature

- use this simple exercise (thanks to amazing spiritual coach Alena Starovoitova for this): 

Every time you eat something, say aloud or inwardly,  expressing your intention to the Universe: "Every piece of this food fills me with light and raise the frequency of my cells and whole body" 

A simple sentence, better results. 



3. Align your wish with your Soul. 


Have you ever been in the situation when you wanted something so badly, but when you got it you were empty and disappointed? "What's wrong with me?" - you probably thought. Nothing, you are absolutely fine. The thing is often we follow the aims that are not ours. We can believe in the idea because of many reasons, craving for approval of a parent and realizing his/her dream, dreaming of being more social and assuming that conformity with the standards will make us more likable. It is important to separate the voice of heart from the voice of mind, the expectations of others from our real dreams and desires of our Soul. The voice of our ego, which craves for approval, from the voice of our heart that already has deep self-love and wants to share it with the world. ( what are a great invention and great art about? It's all the powerful act of self-love and belief that your ideas and work worth the greatest attention of the world



That's why I find it incredibly important to align what you want with your deepest and greatest feeling of own self, your Soul, higher self or whatever we can call it. 



The journey of conscious living is based on getting to a deeper level in yourself than beliefs and opinions, in order to experience the essence of what unifies people, not divides them (Gay Hendricks)



To do that you can try this simple exercise: 



Sit still, breathe deeply, relax. Let all thoughts go away. Meditate for several minutes. With a deep breathe imagine how you go up in the elevator and in a few moments appear in the space of your Soul. It's a beautiful, calming, light space. Your dream world, full of the sunshine and fresh air. 


You walk around a little bit, enjoying and relaxing. Soon you come to the beautiful house, more like a castle you always imagined in your mind. There you will find your Soul, the wiser part of you. You describe what you want to manifest and feel how your body will react. Your subconsciousness will help you to understand if this is the right thing for you. 


Manifestation can take some time and that's absolutely fine, try this simple steps and see results for yourself, they will very pleasantly surprise you, 


To make the effect even stronger download the Manifestation Planner, a great tool to structure our dreams. Get it here (it's free). Just print and let's manifest, yes, you can :) (Don't ask me how do I know, as you are here, you crave for development, crave for growth and there aren't a better sign than this of how talented you are)






With Love, 



If you are interested in meditating, try this free guided meditation to release the power your sensitivity.