21 Blocks That Destroy Your Self-Worth
21 Beliefs To Let Go To Heal Your Self-Worth
21 Blocks That Destroy Your Self-Worth
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Jessica siped coffee as slowly as she possibly could. She was my client and asked for an urgent meeting in the nearest coffee shop. I was looking at her crying first ten minutes and thought that it was probably worth sacrificing my lunch. After she cried it out, we did some breathing exercises and it helped her to relax and calm down.

-So, what is going on? - I asked

- You know I will never ask you to meet if it wasn't, - she wiped the tears, - necessary...

- I know you appreciate my time, thank you for that. Now, tell me what is it? - I didn't want to push her, but I had half an hour and she needed to get back to the office, 

-   Well... I did it again. 

- Ooops, I did it again, - I tuned, She laughed. 

- I really wanted that promotion at work, I still don't know who will get it, but I feel like I screw it. 

- You worked really hard, don't make hasty judgments. 

- Maybe. Several days ago that guy I was dating called me. He didn't call for a while, so I was happy to hear from him. 

- Hm, - I didn't like how that guy was treating Jess, but my job as a coach was to help her to see it for herself.

- He invited me for dinner. I needed to finish the project that was really important for my promotion. So I said that I couldn't make it that night, he insisted, said he was traveling soon and really wanted to see me that day. I explained that the project was critical, but he kept pushing so I said yes. 

I nodded. 

- We had a nice time, spent a night together and then he didn't call, text or anything, I thought maybe he was traveling...

- Traveling without a phone? - I asked. She smiled.

- You're right... Now I am not sure I can finish the project in time, - Jessica almost started crying again, - How could I have done it to myself? What for?! 

- Take a deep breath, - I took one myself, so we both started breathing, - Breathe, let your mind unwind for a second, this is the first step, remember? 

- Yes, I feel better. 

- Good. So let's look at the situation. Never mind the guy, it's his loss. What is the lesson here for you? - We already worked together for a while, so Jessica was used to a self-worth kind of talk. 

- I said no to myself, to what was important to me. And said yes to someone else. 

- Why do you think you said yes...? 

- Well.. he pushed me, - she paused, - but it's not the real reason, is it? 

- I don't think so.

- Hm, I think... if I am really honest, I feel like I have to say yes... otherwise no one will ask me out. I feel if I choose the other time...he just won't call again, you know? I don't feel good enough.

- Do you ever choose a more convenient time for you? 

- Almost never... Kate, is that self-worth thing you always tell me about? 

- Why do you think you don't feel good enough? 

- Hm... I don't know. I just... feel like I am always chosen and I never choose. I feel... like I am too ordinary. Not that kind of a woman... Not like you, Kate. 

- What do you mean? - I asked

- When I look at you, even I want to ask you out to be honest. But it's not about how you look or what you wear. It's something about you... the feeling.

-Energy, - I added. 

- Exactly, - she nodded, - I hope I am getting there, I see how I am changing after our work together, it's another reason I got so upset. Just one call and I threw away everything we worked for!

- Setbacks are normal. The main thing you're learning from them, - I took her hand, - You're very special, Jessica, you're very talented, gifted, beautiful. You have it all. And every woman does. 

- I believe so; I look at women, they admire me... such strength, compassion, kindness... Sometimes I think: Am I one of them? Wow...  - She smiled. 

As important as such reminders and support are, they are short-term. When Jessica appeared in a similar situation again, she needed to have strong tools and understanding why she behaved in a certain way. She needed to raise her value. 

There are tons of reasons we don't value ourselves enough as women. To be fair, no one really taught us we should. Our dads didn't always know how to communicate with a child or how to raise girl's self-esteem, give her enough attention. But all these aren't very good excuses, as nothing can prevent us from doing it now. The question is: have you had enough? Enough of disrespect to your time, lack of appreciation, enough of being good for everyone, but yourself? 

So many of us did. I believe women are ready.. ready to know our worth, to have what we deserve and stop settling for less, for lack of appreciation, respect or you name it. 

This is your time. 

Working with so many many women on the self-worth, understanding their value, I realized that more and more of us are awakening to our own greatness. With this in mind, I put all my experience, results of my clients and proved techniques into S.P.I.R.I.T formula program. In less than a year, this program has almost thousand students, women who open their greatness and achieve incredible results with it. 

If what I described resonated with you, I hope you will join us for 6-week online S.P.I.R.I.T formula program. Which stand for 6 core principles of a woman's worth: Self-love, Passion, and Purpose, Intuition, Relationships, Inspiration, and Trust. 

Now let's get straight to the blocks that make us think less of ourselves. 

With Jessica, we worked through self-worth blocks. She felt much more confident after and attracted a respectful partner in her life. She didn't get that promotion, but the lesson really helped her to value her time more. 

These blocks are typical for most women. When we are separating patterns and assumptions by areas of life, it makes work more effective. 7 is known to be a sacral number, seven days a week, seven colors ofthe rainbow, 7 doors to heaven, 7 chakras...

7 areas of life to work on: 

Our connection with the material world

Emotional balance and Creativity 

Boundaries and Inner Strength 

Connection with others, Acceptance, Love 

Self-Expression, Respect 

Intuition and Clarity 

Our Connection with Higher Self, Universal Wisdom, and Guidance

21 Blocks That Destroy Your Self-Worth : 

Our connection with the material world:

  • You feel like you don't have enough energy 
  • You feel pressure from the world all the time
  • You feel too tired to do anything for yourself 

Emotional balance and Creativity:

  • You hide your sexuality or feel shy about it 
  • You think twice before expressing any creative ideas 
  • You push away your emotions rather than show them

Boundaries and Inner Strength: 

  • It feels like there is never enough time or energy to do what you love 
  • You don't set your boundaries straight and so feel disappointed in people often 
  • You feel insecure if you don't have 100% control 

Connection with others, Acceptance, Love:

  • You prioritize others over yourself 
  • You always look for a response from others to your love or care 
  • You feel too vulnerable to express your feelings

Self-Expression, Respect:

  • Sometimes you feel like you have no voice 
  • You don't feel appreciated enough
  • It is hard for you to let go resentment 

Intuition and Clarity:

  • It is hard for you to make a decision 
  • Sometimes you feel like you have no one to rely on 
  • You don't always trust your vision

Our Connection with Higher Self, Universal Wisdom, and Guidance:

  • You don't believe you deserve support just because you were born
  • You feel like you know things like you're old Soul, but you rarely trust these insights
  • You have a hard time even considering any spiritual guidance 

If you find any of those symptoms => 3 Secrets To Woman's Worth

Balance your negative emotions, appreciate your sensitivity and use it right  => Gift of Sensitivity Guided Meditation 

P.S. I remember times when I felt exhausted and empty inside caring about everyone around, but myself. I didn't feel good enough, I felt like nothing I did matter.

Many of these, as well as the level of appreciationrespect, and support comes to Self-Worth.

Knowing my worth helped me to transform my life, from being a shy girl to a woman who runs a successful business, doing what I always dreamed to, and helping thousands of people on the way. My dad never was helpful or showed his appreciation, while my mom just tolerated it all, it was painful for me, and I struggled to trust or respect men.

When I heard about women who are highly respected, appreciated and deeply loved in their relationships, I didn’t believe it was possible. Until I raised my value. I met so many men who are highly respectful of women’s nature but struggle because women don’t appreciate themselves.

It's unbelievable what a woman who knows her worth can do. Anything. When You know your Worth, You connect with your power. You ask for what you want and get it. Because you deserve it.

The Universe mirror your level of self-worth with opportunities, people you meet and the way others treat you. Often Life pushes us to step into our power through negative experiences or aggressive people. Have you been there? I did. Until I realized: Why wait for that?! There are toolstips, and tricks you can use today to understand your worthconnect with yourself, balance your life.

We have it in S.P.I.R.I.T. formula program: A 6-week signature online course that already helped thousands of women to understand their worth and balance their career and relationships. These principles are what I used and still do to transform my life, everything in the program is personal to me. It's synthase of experience, years of learning and practicing coaching, psychology, and meditation.

This program is a light of my heart I hope to share it with you and as many women as possible because even if you don’t know it yet, I do know: You deserve it.

Learn more about S.P.I.R.I.T. formula here.