How to Deal With Sensitivity. Coaching Session Example
How to balance your sensitivity
How to Deal With Sensitivity. Coaching Session Example
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Are you a very sensitive person? Have you ever wondered how to live in this world without anxiety and constant worries? How stay calm when you are SO perceptive?       


If yes, this example that includes practical steps to master your sensitivity and use it for your BEST is for you.       


My dear friend agreed to share this with you, her name is changed. But I believe so many of us can relate to it, that it can be anyone's story.                            


Lana is a very sensitive person. She is compassionate, where most people would be indifferent. She senses other people’s emotions. It isn't easy as often she picks them up. Any demonstration of anger or aggression was hard for her to comprehend.            


As life shows we face what we fear. Lana loves her job at real estate company, it’s creative, well enough paid and she enjoys spending time with her colleges, everyone except “one major problem”. This is how she called her boss when we first met. Antipathetic, predominant B****rd. Rules of politeness weren’t for him, he paid well and demand from his employees the same he did from workers at the brick factory he had 40 years ago when he just started. He shouts when something goes wrong, almost always aggressive and never, never says please or thank you.


Lana wanted to quit her job. But then she realized, the world is big, it wasn’t the first time she was trying to run away from situations like this, so she decided to ask for professional help.      


When we met she was constantly worried, uptight and depressed. She couldn't let go anxiety about her boss.


- How many time have you suffered from your sensitivity? - I asked


- Are you kidding? Millions of times! At school, college, some of old boyfriends…


- I know what you are talking about - I exhaled.


- That’s why I am here, - She laughed.       


- True, - I smiled, - Let me ask you something, have you ever thought your sensitivity is a great gift?


- Seriously? - She gasped, - Never.


We discussed several points described here. Lana has never thought other people don’t have what she has. She hasn’t  known things she loves and can easily do aren’t available for everyone as they don’t have exclusive gifts of sensitivity.               


- It’s the matter of force exertion. Sensitivity is a tool, the question is how you use it. How do you apply it at work now? For the relationships with your colleagues, including the boss, right?


- Right… Many of my colleagues seem to like to talk with me as I understand them…


- Exactly. No one ever taught us that sensitivity is a potential energy that we can control. It should not necessarily be used for perceiving everything around without a filter. If we apply it to something in particular, we realize the force of sensitivity and can be less responsive to negativity around.


- So… I get the idea! But how can I do it now?


- You love your job, right?


- Absolutely.


- Keep communication with people at work who inspire you and redirect the force of your sensitivity to your job and to your projects. Try to understand what your clients want, how they feel, create ads using the power of your senses and so on.


- That sounds amazing… Do you think I can so easily switch…?


- It will take time, but you have to make the decision and keep in mind that sensitivity is your gift and only YOU decide how to rule it.


- God...That’s powerful. So will I stop caring about my boss...?


- Not at once. But when you stop see the relationship with him as a channel for your emotions, you will look at the situation in a different way. He is this way because he never had perception of the world you have..have you ever thought?


- No…


- Maybe he’s not a bad person, he just lacks some sensitivity, this is his way, his lessons in life, while yours is to learn to use your sensitivity right.



In a couple of months Lana called me to tell she felt much better about her boss, he still shouts, but it doesn’t matter as she got a big promotion because of the high level of engagement her clients have as she builds new way of communication with them, using her sensitivity. She applied her gift right.


Now when you have effective points for reprogramming your mind I want to share with you the next step, powerful exercise that helps to master your sensitivity on the energy level and use it for the best. I use it every time to balance and come back to a happy, calm state or to help others to do the same.       


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