What do men really need in the relationship?
Every girl and I truly believe every woman have a clear idea what a real man looks like...
What do men really need in the relationship?
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Every girl and I truly believe every woman have a clear idea what a real man looks like. We probably have some differences in this image, but the core would be the same.


We grew up reading fairy tales, watching movies about Princess and big Love. Life disappointed us many different times. So we learn and rise up to know the greatest truth life can give - we can have love and relationship we dream about if we start from ourselves. Claim our power and beauty. Find our voice and bring back to life the true joy and strength of femininity.


Do you see real men or dream men around you? How many strong, powerful kind and loving men have you met recently?

Not much? Have you ever asked yourself what happened with this world?! Have all REAl men disappeared like dinosaurs?

If you did, I have an answer for you and it is much simpler then you can imagine.

Real men are not born this way, they made themselves through hard work, the same as women make themselves an incredible Woman (big W)))). But what is more important is that woman is the one who makes a man “dream” or “real”. Not vice versa.


Female energy reveals man’s potential.


Female and male are two energies that strengthen one another, bringing more greatness to each other. Usually our partner reflects our shadow sides and negative aspects, so we can acknowledge them and improve. (You can’t improve what you don’t see, right?). But at the same time he or she enlarges our strength.


Many women dream about love, waiting for the one who can complete them. Waiting doesn’t work! Free will is the Law of the Universe and it includes complete responsibility for what we have or don't have.  That's why we have to admit: The qualities man around you have are linearly proportional to female energy YOU have.


Let’s face it. World is honest.


Imagine your friend Becky who is waiting and dreaming about a good man in her life. She doesn’t admit it, but when you are having coffee together you see how she looks around, keeping her eyes on couples for a while. Or how serious she is about her dates. She prepares herself for every single one of them, choose cloth carefully and discuss with you what she should or shouldn’t say. But all these don’t really work. She still haven’t had any relationship she wanted. She tells you from time to time: “Men nowadays are too lazy… too irresponsible..” Like most women in this case she accuses men of the generation.


But let’s see what is behind the curtains. Becky’s dad left when she was 10. She still remembers that moment. Since then all she heard from her mom about any man… Well, you can imagine. It could be true, could be not. What her mother probably forgot to tell Becky is that she hadn’t enjoyed any conversations about her father’s interest, sex had been a duty to her and she never had known how to explain her feeling except of shouting and crashing dishes. Just like Becky’s grandmother had done. Becky’s mother and grandmother “owned” the right to hate men. So did Becky. How come, you ask. She dreams about love!


Becky’s subconscious mind is full of beliefs about realtionship she picked up from her mother. Her conscious mind, which consists of everything inside of her awareness, is full of ideas from books, movies and social environment she grew up in, beautiful love stories and assumptions about gender.

She keeps looking, trying to meet expectations ( find love, have beautiful “soccer” family). But here where it collapses.

As her inner beliefs don’t match with expectations she handles. Little voice inside of her keeps whispering: “Any men will eventually betray you..Don’t trust. Screw it up, do something, behave silly so he won’t call back. It’s safer this way.”

So she does. Every single time.

Studies show that words account for only 7% of the message you convey. The remaining 93% is non-verbal. 55% of communication is based on what people see (body language, facial gesture) and the other 38% is transmitted through tone of voice. This 93% of how people perceive us is controlled by our subconsciousness.


Now you probably see why Becky doesn’t have it.


The main thing about femininity is overcoming fears and doubts all women have and understanding your own power.


Now let’s imagine that Becky figures she needs to change her thoughts first. She starts reading inspirational articles and books. (Like 3 Secrets To Woman's Worth)


Different content helps her to understand she is worth a good man. Because of that she slowly starts to control whisper in her head that keeps saying quieter and quieter: “All men are betrayer…” Until she almost change it for: “I believe I can find love, because I deserve it”

And she does. Maybe one day she will tell her children: “Fairy tales don’t exist. But if you work on your mind, you can find out what you really want and gain it”


Women have so many fears and doubts about men and relationship, because we forgot about the power of our nature. We think we need love, but the truth is we are Love. Love is one of aspects of female power, that can be applied not just in relationship, but in manifesting the reality we desire.  


It’s a Law. We attract what we give. In relationship it works with a little remarque. We attract as much greatness in man as much feminine power we have.


But What is the difference in these energies (female and male) I am talking about? To figure out that First I suggest you to see man’s qualities most of women consider strong and “Sexy”.  After that I guide you through female aspects that strengthen and attract greatness  in man. This is the part men find “Sexy”. Check it with any of your male friends, you will be amazed! You will understand it’s not about your look or anything you thought before, it is about how female you are, your inside world and believes.


The same but the other way around works for men, who wants to attract incredible woman but don't know how. You have to open up and develop the male energy that is going to be worth the greatness you look in your partner.


Let’s do it.


3 crucial traits of man energy:



This article I devote to Courage.


Courage is what helps man truly realize his potential. To be courageous and to be seen this way is incredibly important to any man who is developing his own greatness. It was proven by many examples of great heroes and commanders, artists who became an inspiration for generations, romantics and book characters, who were crazy enough to show up, who were moved by the desire to show or find one of the greatest reflections of men - Courage.


But what is the power that inspire men to show and develop courage in themselves?


Once Bill and Hillary Clinton were driving near her home town. They stopped near gas station, which belonged to Hillary's old boyfriend. Bill told her, smugly, “See, if you’d married him, you’d own a gas station.” Hillary smartly replied, “No, darling, If I’d married him, he would be a President.”


The female qualities that attracts and strengthen courage in man:


The confidence of your female side


Man wants to be a hero only if his woman allows him to do it. This is a general truth for anyone, we do smth for the other only when we feel their need. Men are less intended to create smth out of nowhere, that's why it is really hard for them to feel a drive, to be courageous, when a woman doesn't really believe that she deserves it or she doesn't accept her own greatness or confidence of her female side.


Be honest with yourself. DO you REALLY feel a need to have a hero by your side? Or you are "I can do everything myself" kind of girl? Sure you can, no doubts about that, sister! But have you  ever thought that this attitude is made from fear? Fear to trust, to be laid down or even doubt that you are so truly incredible to deserve being taken care of.  Have you ever considered that you are a great inspiration for a man to reach your beauty and develop because of you and for you? Do you believe that...?


As we all know we achieve what we believe.


Do you have a place for a hero in your structured and ideal world where you managed to organize everything so well? Do you have place for a miracle and greatness? Do you let men show themselves to you? Or you live in the space of your own assumptions and fight for the "equality" trying to change the man but not trying to work on yourself, making you a better person? Can you believe that man can be courageous, take care, be attentive, loving and strong, don't make excuses and be there when you need him?


Or your past painful experience doesn't let you do this?


And the main question is do you believe that you DESERVE all these from a man? Do you have enough courage to think that you are worth the hero, that you have everything to inspire him? That you are extremely valuable and ready to receive as much as you give?


Man needs your confidence as much as he needs love. He needs you to be so full so he feels a drive to move heaven and earth to be with you. What he really needs is YOU to pay attention to yourself first, open yourself up and unleash your feminine gift.


The ability to receive is one of the most important characteristics and powers of female energy. Why and how you can develop it read in the next article… The declaration of Women Value.

With Love,