The Love Factor. 7 Secrets of Your Chakras In Relationships
What You Need To Know About Chakras To Make Your Relationship Great
The Love Factor. 7 Secrets of Your Chakras In Relationships
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I can't emphasize enough the importance of understanding Your Chakras in Relationships

Let's Do a Little test. Check Yourself, Do you have any of those symptoms? 


Symptoms of Relationships Blocks in Your Chakras: 


1) Root Chakra

- Constant Fear for Partner's Safety 

- Lack of Life Energy, Activity in Relationships 


2) Sacral Chakra 

- Ordinary Sex

-Lack of flirting, playfulness 

- Annoyance from conversation with partner 


3) Solar Plexus Chakra 

- Aggression, Irritation 

- Jealousy 

- Control  and a will to dominate 

- Over-emotional arguments 


4) Heart Chakra 

- Constant resentment 

- Faultfinding 

- Non-acceptance of a partner 

- Misunderstanding of own's and partner's feelings 


5) Throat Chakra 

- Disrespect 

- A will to change a partner 

- Failure to express true emotions and feelings 


6) Third Eye 

- Lack of Trust 

- Double Checking of his/her actions

- Lack of Support of each others' dreams and visions 


7) Crown Chakra 

- Lack of awareness of spiritual meaning of relationships 

- No motivation to grow together 

Often many of relationship problems come the wrong understanding of what we give and what we receive in a relationship. 

We exchange energy in our chakras. When we understand what kind of energy we give and receive, the roles in a relationship becomes very clear. Of course, every couple is unique, but we as women and men often have similar needs. 

Let’s see where women give and where to receive in balanced relationships. by balanced I mean where a woman feels like a woman if, for example, you have more masculine qualities, you man female and you’re happy about it, that’s great and this information is probably not for you. 

Female and Masculine Energies

By feminine and masculine, I don’t mean any associations that we might have in our society. I believe female energy is the most powerful force for success and achievements, drive and passion. It’s not connected with who does what in your couple, but the way you feel, how you both grow as a couple and use your natural talents and gifts. Spiritual relationships are about growth and helping each other to evolve on Earth, for this each of us has to work on and open our own potential. When we do, man and woman become each others’ force and support to the highest purpose and dreams they want to achieve on Earth. This co-creation is possible

when man and woman form union of masculine and feminine energy.  This is a root of creation -female and male aspects. Each of us has both, but one is much more developed. When we live on energies that are natural for us, we experience harmony in every aspect of our life. We have enough energy for great things we are meant to do. 

What Balance is

For me balance is about connection, Connection with who you’re, what you’re here to do, with liveliness, happiness, lightness you’re meant to have. 

1. Root Chakra 

Let’s start with the root chakra, the first chakra that is responsible for our connection with Earth, physical energy and strength. This is a chakra where a man gives and the woman receives. 

 Every thought, emotion, every word is energy. And it is especially strong in a couple because of the intensity of our feelings and emotions. The more emotional we feel about something, the more energy we give to this. 

2. Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is all about creativity, joy, pleasure, taste of life. 

It is situated in the womb area. 

And it is where a woman gives, man receives. 

I love this mediation I do with my clients and we’ll do on the course “Chakras in a real life”.  It really shifts perspective.  for now, I’ll briefly explain how it works. 

What are female and masculine energies 

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath. Relax. Think about one of those days when you feel rested and relaxed. You take a nice bath, read your favorite book and go to the park. You walk around a beautiful lake, enjoying amazing views. You can feel how your heart fills with love and joy. The world looks so bright and every tiny detail makes you happy and excited. You know how we can be so emotional about small things. 

Take a deep breath. Come back to your body for a second, feel your legs, your chest, your head. Now think about that moment when you were very busy with something. You were worried about the deadline and really focused on a result you needed to achieve. You walk through one place to other through the same part of a lake, will you notice anything? Well, this is when you’re in a masculine energy. In the first picture, you’re more connected with your female side. 

Most Men are in their masculine energy most of the time. It is very hard for them to experience joy, pleasure, brightness of emotions the way we can do it. That’s why the main source of energy for them is the woman. Woman gives brightness, the taste of life, powerful impulse to act. 

Why a man respect you as a partner but don't do things important for you

Many women ask me why a man loves, respects them, but still doesn’t do every woman wants? Buy presents, do surprises, talk about the way we feel or completely support us in not practical things we might want to do? 

It all comes to energy. The impulse woman gives for a man, so he is ready to change a world for her comes from sacral chakra. It is the energy of creativity, inspiration, joy. This a very powerful energy, the only one that can make a man really move. So if your man respects you as a partner, but you lack a feeling of being a woman, you don’t have enough energy in sacral chakra. 

3. Solar Plexus Chakra 

The next chakra is Solar Plexus Chakra. It is all about action, confidence, protection. 

This is the chakra where a man gives energy and a woman receives. When a man receives an impulse of creative energy from woman’s sacral chakra, he is ready to act to realize her dreams or help her to do it herself. He believes in himself when a woman gives him enough love and support and acts according to this belief. 

On this level woman receives protection, support. She can take off responsibility for her shoulders and give to her man, he is ready to take it, responsibility makes him stronger. While too much of it destroys a woman, so it is very important to let your man act, take care of you and give him enough energy on the level of sacral chakra so he would want to do everything for you. 

Actions make a man happier and stronger, They feel fulfilled when they act. This is the way masculine energy works. But to act they need a purpose, they need inspiration. There isn’t a stronger man than the one who has a woman who inspires him. 

4. Heart Chakra, The mistake that makes women struggle 

The heart chakra is a chakra of female energy. The mistake many women make is they expect love from a man. 

They expect someone to give them love, Let me tell you something. IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. NEVER. 

I am so passionate about it as I see many women struggle because of this wrong understanding of love. You’re the only one responsible for the amount of love you have. 

And the woman is the one who responsible for love in relationships. There are so many things that man does in a couple, but love is about you. You ‘re the only one who can create it. Man can just follow you on this. 

Think for a moment what a power you have in your hands. You are the heart of your relationships. You’re the heart of the world. 

The more you clean and open your heart chakra, the more confidence and emotional support your man feels. 

Feminine energy in its pure form is really about love, acceptance, and joy, If you struggle with attracting a strong man, you might need to work on that. 

5. Throat Chakra

The next one is throat chakra. On this level, a man gives, a woman receives. 

The man gives you respect, appreciation, and status

Helps you to express your talents and supports your voice and your truth. 

6. Third Eye Chakra 

On a level of third eye chakra (the one between your eyebrows), a woman gives, man receives. 

Women are more connected with the Universe, nature and higher power. Our right hemisphere is more developed. We are able to see beyond. 

Here we give a man vision, dreams, intuitive insight, support of his dreams and ideas, new perspectives and creative approach

7. Crown chakra

Crown chakra is one where we both give and receive. It is more about our connection out Higher Self and our Soul. But in spiritual relationships we help each other with guidance, feeling and opening each others’ potential, supporting each other in realizing our highest purpose on Earth and evolving as Souls.  


What I really want for you is to restore and remember your own power and wisdom, to have the inner strength that helps you to love yourself more, have enough energy and inspiration. 

If you feel like you're ready for a true inner transformation, it might be your time. 

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