The Bitch Factor. How to be strong and happy at the same time
Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren't  happy, why so?
The Bitch Factor. How to be strong and happy at the same time
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Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren't  happy, why so? Especially it is true for women, it seems the more we achieve, the more anxious we become. This common problem scared me for a long time, I looked at successful women and thought: Would I be the same angry, irritated, unhappy???!! God, no. Should I sacrifice my success to be happy or have good relationships??! What a scary thought. But let me assure you, we don't have to. We can have success and love, great achievements and happiness AT THE SAME TIME. The reason why we have such an imbalance in the world right now is that women forgot about our OWN strength, we live on male energies without realizing it and it exhausts us. What does it mean and how to find a balance read in this article. 

Let's do a little test.  Imagine you stand in the small piece of land, an island. On the right side, you see a huge, beautiful ocean, shiny and calm on a sunny day. On the left, you see an incredible 100 years old tree, its strong branches go in different directions, thousands of leaves whisper and are slowly moved by light wind. 

Now take a deep breath and answer the question: with which picture do you feel more connection? 

It seems like a simple test, but it gives a huge understanding of many things that happen to us. Hard to believe at first, but see for yourself. 

The pictures you chose reflect what kind of energy, female or male, dominate in you right now. 

if you chose ocean it means that female energy is stronger in you right now. If you chose the tree you operate on male energies more. 

Everyone has both female and male energies no matter the gender. Usually, man has more male, while woman female, but isn't always like this. 

We live in a world where male energies dominate. That's why often women who feel a call for great achievements in the world, try to follow the male way of thinking and operating. We put our feelings and emotions on hold, we stop going deep inside and start to follow the rules of willpower, aggression and a strong determination. After a while, we found ourselves depressed and exhausted, destroyed, lost or alone. Because when a woman operates on male energies without ANY respect to her personality, nature, desires she loses the sense of her own self. 

Working with questions like anxiety, depression, worries I know that everyone has a very unique and special story, pain and things we go through. But it always starts with basics. You can't sit and blow your mind trying to figure out what's wrong with your health if you eat in MacDonalds every day. Hey, it is OBVIOUS. Stop eating shit first and then continue thinking if the problem is still there. 

Often I meet women so depressed they hardly can talk with anyone more than 20 mins without arguing. From the outside you will never understand they are in a state of deep depression, you see them strong and aggressive, "powerful", fighting. 

10 minutes of honest talk is enough to figure out how much pain they feel inside, 10 minutes heart to heart for them to show how empty, lost they feel. 

I always ask them to do the same test you just read. Always. Because basics can't be avoided, no matter what an amazing inner work you are doing or are planning to do. Any spiritual or personal growth, changes, whatever you prefer to call it, starts from the basics. Do you know or ever asked yourself: Why Am I a Woman? What does it bring to my life? What do I want to feel? How do I want to live my life?  

And according to what you just learned about yourself: Am I disrespecting my nature? Am I forcing myself to live on male energies?

The symptoms that you live on male energies and suppress your female side: 

1) You're constantly worried 

2) You don't believe that even small things can't be done by someone better than you (even your partner, boyfriend or husband), as the result you try to control everything 

3) But if you decide to trust them this time,  they definitely fail something!

4) You feel exhausted and you experience too much pressure every day

5) You often can literally feel the world on your shoulders

6) You snap at someone at least once a day 

7) It's hard for you to feel any emotional connection during sex, it's more physical 

8) It's really hard for you to do nothing or just enjoy, takes a long time to relax 

9) You feel like the man strong enough for you doesn't EXIST. Just a vanished kind, like dinosaurs. 

10) Some girl-talks can really irritate you

Do you find any of those? I see so many women with amazing talent and great potential, successful and gorgeous, who suffer because they lose connection with the source of energy inside. It's my mission and my dream to see women empowered, happy, joyful. 

Another side of imbalance would be the following: 

1) being emotional dependent

2) feeling lonely often 

3) seek constant attention from men or close ones

4) experiencing  "heavy" emotions 

5) being over emotional 

6) being too sensitive in a negative way 

If you find any of these symptoms or have been struggling with a relationship, the S.P.I.R.I.T formula online course is open! It's an online signature programme that helped thousands of women to build a happy relationship and attract the man they want.

For now, Let me give you practical tips, what you do right now to live more balanced and happy life:

1) Explore yourself 

Why important: female energy is Introspective. When we explore our inner world, show some attention, respect, and appreciation for it, we connect with the strength, depth and beauty of our female side 

How to:


Walk in nature,

Hot bath


Any creativity you JUST enjoy (drawing, coloring, dancing etc...)

2) Work with your chakras, find a balance between giving and receiving.

Why important: Often women have their balance broken as we are wired to give, it is so natural for us

How to: Learn which of your chakras gives female energy and which receives male energy from a man in a relationship: 



3) Don't be shy to do what is natural for you. 

Why important: female energy is chaotic and Dissipated in its pure form. It is OK for us to be a little "flying in the sky sometimes". It helps us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and be more productive as energy that is natural for us fill us with energy.

How to: PLAY. Just enjoy silly things you love and stop restricting yourself, they are what help you to grow! Grow your natural confidence 

4) Embrace your natural sexuality 

Why important: Sexual energy is a creative energy, when we embrace the gift of sexuality, we have more energy and find ourselves coming up with more creative approaches and decisions 

How to: Use this amazing sacral Tibetian Practice. I love it and use it every day, it helps. 


5) EMBRACE your sensitivity 

Why important: Female energy is emotional, many of the things for women based on feelings. A long time ago someone told is bad and often we still believe that deep inside. But sensitivity gives us so much! From clarity to emotional intelligence. 

How to: Learn how gifted you are to be sensitive.  5 steps to use sensitivity for Success

To dive deeper more free resources:

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With Love, 


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