The Bitch Factor. How to be strong and happy at the same time
Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren't  happy, why so?
The Bitch Factor. How to be strong and happy at the same time
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Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren't happy, why so? Mainly it is true for women; it seems the more we achieve, the more anxious we become. This common problem scared me for a long time, I looked at successful women and thought: Would I be the same angry, irritated, unhappy???!! God, no. Should I sacrifice my success to be happy or have good relationships??! What a scary thought. But let me assure you, we don't have to. We can have success and love, great achievements, and happiness AT THE SAME TIME. The reason why we have such an imbalance in the world right now is that women forgot about our OWN strength, we live on male energies without realizing it, and it exhausts us. What does it mean and how to find a balance read in this article. 


The symptoms that you suppress your female side:   


1) You're constantly worried 


2) You don't believe that even small things can't be done by someone better than you (even your partner, boyfriend or husband), as the result you try to control everything 


3) But if you decide to trust them this time,  they definitely fail something!


4) You feel exhausted and you experience too much pressure every day


5) You often can literally feel the world on your shoulders


6) You snap at someone at least once a day 


7) It's hard for you to feel any emotional connection during sex, it's more physical 


8) It's really hard for you to do nothing or just enjoy, takes a long time to relax 


9) You feel like the man strong enough for you doesn't EXIST. Just a vanished kind, like dinosaurs. 


10) Some girl-talks can really irritate you


 Symptoms that your female energy is imbalanced:


1) You can be emotional dependent


2) You feel lonely often 


3) You seek constant attention from men or close ones


4) You experience "heavy" emotions 


5) You can be over-emotional 


6)You can be too sensitive in a negative way 


5 Steps To Balance:


1) Explore yourself 


Why important: female energy is Introspective. When we explore our inner world, show some attention, respect, and appreciation for it, we connect with the strength, depth, and beauty of our female side. 


How to:




Walk in nature,

Hot bath


Any creativity you JUST enjoy (drawing, coloring, dancing, etc...)


2) Find a balance between giving and receiving.


Why important: Often women have the balance broken as we are wired to give. We exhaust ourselves, struggle to find time for self-care. 


How to: Learn about your worth and raise your value 


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3) Don't be shy to do what is natural for you. 


Why important: female energy is chaotic and Dissipated in its pure form. It is OK for us to be a little "flying in the sky sometimes." It helps us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and be more productive. 


How to: PLAY. Just enjoy silly things you love and stop restricting yourself, be spontaneous.


When I allowed myself to play, I felt free. Researches now discovered that play is necessary for the development of our brain even in adult age. 


4) Embrace your natural sexuality 


Why important: Sexual energy is creative energy, when we embrace the gift of sexuality, we have more energy and find ourselves coming up with more creative approaches and decisions.


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5) EMBRACE your sensitivity 


Why important: Female energy is emotional, our emotions make the life brighter and happier. 


How to: Learn why sensitivity is a gift.


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Truly hope it helps,