How to Deal With Unhealthy Attachments in a Positive Way
3 powerful way to get over attachments
How to Deal With Unhealthy Attachments in a Positive Way
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Every single one of us at one point of our life wasn’t able to have ANY logical argument regarding the very noticeable fact of our ATTACHMENT (or let’s say obsession) to a particular person or a past event.


It is like teenage years all over again. Expect you have much less time to be obsessed as no one said the life will wait while you try to fish out any rational thought from the wonders of your inflamed mind.


The only question that probably arises during times like this is What THE F*** is happening?!?! I am a rational, SMART woman, why can’t I get OVER this?!  Or the more common one after reconsidering all possible answers is HOW TO END THIS?!


If you are experiencing something like this, you are probably involved in a karmic situation.


First, karma? You probably heard a lot of different definitions, like a circle of life, what goes around comes around. I believe this is all true, but the closest description I've ever met is simply the “Lesson”


Karma isn’t any magical “punishment” or “suffering for something”. 

It is simply the most perfect and specific circumstances for a particular person to learn a particular lesson.



Karmic relationship or any other karma is a very strong attachment that can last for years. Fortunately, nowadays we have a possibility to free ourselves from karma much faster. During evolution, our Soul gained enough wisdom to learn lessons faster. 


How can I possibly know that you're in particular have this wisdom? The answer is very simple. If you're reading this article, you are. The Universe brought you all this way so you can find the information that will remind you of the wisdom of your own beautiful Soul. 


If you are here, you came to the moment in your life when you're ready. You've been through enough and now it is a perfect time to release any toxic attachment or end pain of negative karma in your life. 


To do that let's dive deeper and see how we can use karma in a positive way. As karma is a lesson it simply means we have to figure out the way to learn our lessons through positivity, not pain. 


I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I proved it many times. The great correlation between thoughts and reality, true care the Universe provides, even if in the darkest moment it seems like the end of the world. Crying and sleepless night over a guy who hurt you. Healing and rising. To meet him in a couple of years for a friendly chat or just accidentally and fall on your knees in the deepest gratitude to the world, you haven’t even known you can experience, gratitude for the pain you went through. THANKS, Universe, THANK YOU for holding me away from this person. He might be a good guy or a real a**hole, it isn’t a point. A point is it’s so much NOT me,  and I was blind to see it, but the Universe saw. I resisted, I wanted to keep it, so the world made me go through pain to SAVE me, to show me better, to make me learn to be a better me so I can create one life that truly aligns with my deepest values.


We can’t argue we learn pretty well through pain, BUT is there the other way? Can we stop learning through pain and let go of this crazy assumption that something should be wrong?


Yes, Yes and Yes. I was trying to answer this question for several years, learning sacred practices, positive psychology or anything that seemed to be able to give me this understanding. And I came to this, proving it from different perspectives and experience (I won’t bore you with this right now :), but will go to the core:


The universe takes care of You. In a very deeply, caring way.


But to stop standing in her way, shouting: “I want problems in my life!!”, you need to have such a strong desire to LEARN so your heart will beat for that.


What do I mean by that?  



The ONLY function pain and struggles, Karma have in our life is to make us learn. Learn more about ourselves, what we’re capable of, what our true desires are and what negative assumptions we keep inside.



When we go through pain in a right way we open our hearts and mind. Or we close up and then the circle repeats. Have you ever noticed how the same irritating or painful situation with a guy or at work repeats over and over again? It means the lesson hasn’t been learned, the wisdom this situation holds is strongly resisted by you. As soon as the wisdom is accepted by you, the problem is gone. Think about your life… I am sure there was a moment when you struggled with something and then bum, a flash of understanding or feeling of clarity, and the problem dissolved without any logical reason.



Imagine a hard situation in the form of air balloon with the light inside of it. It has a bright, beautiful, crystal clear glow in the middle, which surrounded by dark, dirty smog.



These balloons are guidance made by the Universe to show you the way to your best life. You walk on the path of your unique life and to get to the next level you need to reach the glowing light you see in the middle of the balloon. So you touch the balloon. The way we used to reach the wisdom (glowing light) inside of the balloon is by blowing it. The smog goes all around you, you start to cough and cry, hate it all and completely forget why you’ve even started it. It seems so hard, your eyes and chest hurt, all the world seems different. You struggle for a while and then the smog clears away. You start breathing deeper, slowly bit by bit you put your head up again, It takes time, sometimes a lot. But you do, You open your eyes and you see this amazing light that stayed. You see this incredible glowing beauty, you cry from happiness. You touch it and it fills your heart with light, happiness, deep wisdom and true appreciation. Now you finally remember why you touched this damn balloon!



You walk along your life happy, everything is so beautiful… and then you see the other balloon and you feel there is something inside of it for you….



Did you get what I am trying to say…?



We came to the time when people more and more look for the answer to the question:  how can we reach the light without suffering from smog? It appears that if you shake the balloon gently with a wholehearted consistency, the smog will slowly transform into the light and when you finally blow your balloon, light is all you see. Doesn’t it sound like a better option to move on in life?



 Are you ready to stop suffering? It’s harder than it seems as the habit is so deep we resist letting it go. But step by step we’ll go through.

“Your brain wasn’t made to make you happy, it was made to make you survive so it always looks for what’s wrong” (Tony Robbins)


Steps to release your negative Karma and finally Get OVER it: 


1. Take easier approach to yourself


No one is perfect. Our flaws and overcoming them is what made us who we are. The uniqueness of your experience is beautiful, rewarding, extraordinary, worth of love and forgiveness.


   2. Be attentive to the “mirrors”


Your world is a reflection of your beliefs. As soon as you take responsibility to accept it, your life transforms.


Is there anything you don’t like in your life? This is exactly what your assumptions about the world are. if this is created by you, it simply means that you can change it anytime you decide to.


Everything that happens to you is a reflection of your assumptions, conscious or unconscious. Any event, good or bad, is just a mirror for you to see what is inside of you.


As strange as it might seem the first time you hear it: your emotions are your best guidance to a better life if you pay attention. What you feel on an everyday basis are your most powerful beliefs. Test yourself by paying attention to your thoughts and emotions instead of blaming the outer world. What emotions were you experiencing before something, in particular, happened with you? Are they correlated? 


This perspective changed my life. In an incredibly good way. And I wish the same to you.


Every time something not nice happens with you, stop for a second and ask yourself: “What if for a moment I allow the idea that I created this myself ( I know it takes a lot of resistance but isn’t the life of your dreams worth it?), if so what should I believe in to create THIS ?” Write down the idea, analyze it. Give your mind an opposite positive idea. 

Imagine this negative assumption in the space of your mind and transform it into the light, into something positive that will help you to reach your dreams.

3. Work with your energy. 



Sometimes mindset isn't enough. Often we keep shifting our assumptions, but the particular emotion keeps coming back. Why so? 


Our negative emotions and experiences got stuck in our emotional bodies. We have 7 subtle bodies, 4 of them are most close to actual life in a material world. 


We can't see our subtle bodies in a regular state of the mind (but we can learn to do it in a meditative state when our brain is producing lower frequency brainwaves). The painful experiences and negative emotions look like dark stains on the oval of the light energy 10-15 cm around you. They lower our vibrations and attract negative people, evoke irritation inside, sadness, aggression and sometimes can be a reason of deep depression or a loss of taste of life.


There are several ways to clear your energy, one of the most common one right now: 


1. Meditation. It is easy to learn to meditate in a modern word, but if you choose guided meditation, choose someone who aligns with your values. Ask yourself what you feel about the person if her/his values align with yours. 


Don't look how popular or known this person is, LISTEN TO YOURSELF. 


If you feel my energy isn't for you, don't try my meditations. Sometimes the frequencies of a person can be too high for you at this period of time, so such high vibrations can provoke transformations in your life that you are NOT ready for. Or a person can seem nice, but his frequencies can be too low for you so as the result meditation can make you feel worse. I hope I managed to make my point clear, stop for a moment and ask yourself if this particular meditation is good especially for you in this exact moment of time, will it help you to reach your goals in a pleasant way (not like I wanted to meet my love so I had to lose everything I had and go who knows where to meet him, no! It is possible to do it in a good way!) 


Here are some guided meditations for you: 


Release negativity, for sensitive people 


Love to your body, an important step to self-acceptance  (very quick, everyday one) 


2. I want to share with you very effective exercise so you can clean your aura any moment you feel you need more clarity and peace. 


Sit still, breathe deeply 10-15 times. Close your eyes and connect with your Soul. Imagine how energy of protection circles around  you.


Use any image your subconsciousness choose. For me, it's a sphere of white-blue light that absorbs negativity around me, it could be anything you imagine: Angel, flashes of light, a hand etc.


Visualize how you rises to higher frequencies of the Universe, I see it as I go to a beautiful castle in a world that vibrated much higher. Breathe deeply. Imagine how what you chose to be your cleaning object clears the energy around you. First close to your body, 1-2 cm, then going further and further, 5-7 cm, 10-15 and so on if you feel you need to go even further. Usually, our aura is around 15 cm about us. 


When you feel more clear, thank your Soul and ask it for protection from negativity. 

It is easy to practice, especially when you do it regularly. Sounds a little bit too airy, I know. But it works! Try it yourself to see, 


If you need a deeper dive try this powerful energy practice to release unwanted attachments.


With Love,