How Reprogram Your Mind For Self-Worth
Powerful Affirmations for Women's Self-Worth in 7 areas of life
How Reprogram Your Mind For Self-Worth
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As simple as affirmations can seem, it is a very powerful practice, which reprograms our brain. 

"Now a new brain-imaging study published recently in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience has lifted the lid on what’s happening in the brain when people practice self-affirmation, helping to explain the technique’s apparent effectiveness — and hinting at a simple way to enhance the technique" ( 

Our brain operates similarly to a computer. There is a particular program (a.k.a.idea we have about how the world around us works) that directs our behaviors, thoughts, and actions. 

For example, two women have similar jobs as editors of a fashion magazine. Laura hates fashion and keeps this job for money. She dislikes fashion because her mother was a fashion model and was away almost all her childhood (let's say a VERY subjective reason to hate something :). The other girl, Viktoria loved fashion and dreamed working in fashion magazine since she was a little girl. 

The question is who will perform better at work? Laura and Vikky have very similar environments, but a different mindset. As incredibly important as the environment is, the way we think and feel determines our actions. And actions define our life. 

The tricky thing about the human mind is the programming we have can't be deleted. It can be only changed. And this is where affirmations come very handy. 

I've been saying out loud, writing, repeating affirmations in my head for years. At first, yes, it seemed very odd. "How can just repeating phrases change my life??" - I thought. But results speak for themselves! I am still stunned when opening my notebooks filled with affirmations from a year ago. I usually affirm something opposite to what I struggle with. The problem that seemed so big, I felt like I will never be able to change it, is just gone now... Of course, affirmations aren't the only thing I did to improve. But they play a significant role.

Today I want to share with you powerful affirmations which help to know your self-worth and value yourself more. 

If you like all things spiritual, I link affirmations with chakras for better results, but it's not necessary at all if a word "chakra" sounds like way too much to you :) 

There 7 essential areas of our life that are important to pay attention to. When we look at self-love or self-worth from just one perspective, we 

Powerful Affirmations for Women's Self-Worth in 7 areas of life.

1. Our Connection with the material world (Root chakra) 

I am safe! The Universe always protects me...! I am full of energy!

I have enough energy and resources to do everything I want to! The Universe always takes care of me.

If I ever created any good in my life, I will be able to create it again. There is nothing accidental; I am powerful beyond measure!

2. Emotional Balance and Creativity (Sacral Chakra) 

I am allowed to be sensitive! 

I enjoy my life to its full! I am allowed to be joyful!

I am special and unique! I am allowed to be different! 

My creativity flows! 

Enjoying my life gives me energy and lots of great ideas...!

3. Boundaries and Inner Strength (Solar Plexus Chakra) 

I am enough! 

I am enough for my dreams! I deserve to have what I want; I have enough strength to make my dreams come true! 

I respect my boundaries and have enough energy to protect my personal space. 

I believe in myself! Even if I don't know something now, I will figure it out! I have enough resources. 

The Universe is abundant! My life is abundant! I always have what I need at this exact moment. 

4. Connections with others, Acceptance, and Love (Heart Chakra, Heart Center) 

Life loves me! I am lovable..! 

I receive love every minute of my life. Where is love, there is life....! 

It is safe to take care of myself first. It is safe to say no. 

The more I take care of myself, the more I can give to others. 

I let go of the belief that someone else can give me the love I need. I am the source of Love...! 

I love and approve of myself...! I deserve love. 

5. Self-expression, Talen, and Respect (Throat Chakra) 

I express my emotions and feelings freely and respectfully! 

My feelings are heard and appreciated. 

I am allowed to express myself! I am allowed to share my wisdom, even if I am not perfect. My voice is heard. 

I don't need anyone's approval, but my own.

I express my truth and let go of fear to be judged. 

6. Intuition and Clarity (Third Eye Chakra) 

My vision is clear! I follow the signs and guidance of the Universe. 

I trust my intuition. I make effective decisions when I listen to my intuition. 

When I trust, I succeed. 

My vision is clear, I know what I want and go for it! 

7. Our Connection with Higher Self, Wisdom and Guidance (Crown Chakra) 

I am guided! 

The Universe always provides me love and wisdom! 

I connect with the wisdom of my Soul; it is always there for me!

My life is the manifestation of my Higher self! 

Truly hope you'll give affirmations a try, as they can be really powerful! 

With Love and Light, 


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