Best tool to overcome worries in 2 effective steps
A powerful question you need to ask yourself to overcome worries
Best tool to overcome worries in 2 effective steps
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Often I think why are we wired to worry so much? It shapes our life and leads us away from happiness and satisfaction. Can we break the circle? Can we do it without addictions, medicine or running around like crazy? I know we can. Using the power of our consciousness and awareness, we can shape our reality. 


Listen, Universe is completely flexible material. You have to TRUST what is inside of You. Not a creepy loud voice that says you how everything goes wrong or how you have to run from here (run fast))),  but Deep, very silent voice (or more like a feeling) that KNOWS what you are capable of.


There are different situations in life, we all come from the completely different background. It is easy to talk if… ( add your version of it here), I know. But there is ONE big idea that Universe manages to provide through hearts and minds of different people.  What is this Big Idea?


The world doesn’t try to kill you or even make you feel bad or make you fall on your knees and cry. No, It doesn’t. Let’s admit, Universe has much more important work to do than trying to test your stamina.


This is you who needs it; this is You who needs to know how strong you are. Universe already knows you are strong and capable of great achievements. 

The world doesn’t care if you are happy or not, it just reflects your intentions. Every human on the planet has a free will to create whatever he wants; it’s a law. Your Soul chose this body, a country, and family because these are the perfect circumstances for your unique existence to realize your unique, one-of-a-kind potential.


If they are so perfect, why do we have so many troubles then?!


Let’s theoretically divide our thoughts into two categories, ideas about what we want to have and thoughts about what we have, about our everyday life.


Somehow we often believe that what we want reflects something about us. “Why can’t I have it?! The world doesn’t love me…” But this is a lie. What we HAVE is a REFLECTION of our beliefs. It is what we think about the most; it is what we feel on a daily basis. Even if we don’t notice it.


I just saw the girl passing by with deep dissatisfaction on her face. Her lips were screwed, her brows were frowning, her expression was tense.  I am sure that if  I stopped her and told what I saw on her face, she would say something like: “It can’t be true, I wasn’t experiencing anything special at that moment.”

Exactly. She wasn’t because this is a condition that has been played by her subconscious on the background. This is the state of her mind that she is so used to, it has become natural for her, so she doesn’t notice it.


When she faces some aggressive situation in her life, with the mindset like this, she will blame the world, other people or circumstances. But the real reason is the emotions she experiences most of the time without recognizing.


What you believe in is exactly what is making your life the way it is.


Your mind is your world.


Are we creating the bad stuff to…? YES. I know it’s hard to admit I know it’s painful. But this is the only way to CHANGE.


Do you want to stop putting yourself down? Do you want to stop struggling and worrying?

I want to give you 2 effective steps I proved hundreds of times on myself, it changed my life and helped many women I worked with. 

How to use your Troubles as Greatest Gifts? 



1) Take full responsibility.


Everything you have was designed by You. Yes, it is hard to admit. But it is. Your beautiful Soul created different plans to grow, but the way you choose to do it is on you. You can do it struggling; you can do achieving.   It doesn't make sense to worry AT ALL when you know that. You just need to find a thought, assumption beyond what worries you and change it. The process of exploring yourself isn't easy, but the idea itself is as SIMPLE as 2*2. If you are responsible for this, it simply means you can change it. 


Growth is moving from negativity to positivity. Yes, that simple (simple again)). The universe is amazing this way. It gives you what you intend to have, and its giving is always an answer to what you believe about yourself.


So Positivity is trust that you deserve better. Of course, people say "I want best for myself, and I believe I deserve." You think that until you fail. Deep in the hole, you were so afraid to appear in. Then you KNOW you want best. But before it's just words, if you don't work on your fear, Fear always wins. The truth is if you DO believe you deserve best, you have it (or will have very soon). If not there is something behind it that needs to be revealed and changed. 


2)  Acknowledge your fears.


“ Life is the dance between what you fear the most and what you desire the most” Tony Robbins.


This is how our Soul grows on Earth. Making decisions between past painful experiences and disappointments, the pain that wasn’t healed and the feeling of Universal truth, the moral principles and Values that drive something inside of you.

Are you living in place of Fear or Trust?


Do you live from a place of Trust to the Universe, to the best path you can have, the people who can teach you important things if you pay attention. Or do you choose to be afraid to be betrayed, to be overplayed, to lose? Yes, it's scary. But the best part about realizing how Universe works is that you don't have to be scared anymore, you can define your way of things in your life. By changing how you feel and think. 

How to acknowledge your fears? If you mastered the first step well, it will be easy for you. Because as soon as you take full responsibility, you can see situations you don't like in your life as a reflection of fears and negative assumptions you aren't aware of. 


Every troubled situation comes from your fear. EVERY single one of them. You just need to find what it is and change so your life events will follow. 


With Love, 



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