EveryDay Anti Anxiety Chakras Affirmations Tools kit
How To Work With Your Chakras To Overcome Worries
EveryDay Anti Anxiety Chakras Affirmations Tools kit
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Maybe you found yourself trying different anti-anxiety tools or pills and it still doesn't really help. Or maybe you are a very sensitive person and it was really hard for you to keep up with all negativity around. Or maybe it was really hard for you to let go your past or someone in your life. And then you discovered an amazing thing that changed everything...Energy work. 

If you still haven't, let me tell you, I truly believe and I live it, for sensitive people, it is a game changer. It helps me every day of my life and I am blessed to share this with you. 

If you already know something about energy work, it wouldn't surprise you that it takes some time, devotion and effort. Especially if you want to dive deep and uncover your true light. What I also found important is consistency (it is probably essential in anything as our brain is wired to cling to old). When you step by step teach your brain to work with your energy, protect and clean it, you'll notice that it comes back to old worries less and less and it has more important and exciting inner work to do! 


It all comes to small steps, so today I really what to break down for you chakras affirmations. I find it very effective, especially if you just start to work with your chakras and discover what your energy is. 

t's still sometimes effective to go back to basics and honestly affirmations are good for you anytime! I repeat and write them down every day for several years and have a full shelf of notebooks filled with my morning affirmations! it is incredible to look through them sometimes, find out what I was affirming and realize that what seemed such a big deal then, now is just natural like breathing! I am so grateful for this gift, it works! 

I am very excited for you to try it too! Here are 7 affirmations for each day of a week. You can start any day. It doesn't have to be Monday or first root chakra. Just listen to yourself, maybe you need to start from Heart Chakra because blocks there can prevent you from cleaning other chakras. One chakra - one day of a week. It's a week cleaning process, once you start, repeat the next chakra affirmation every day. Just close your eyes and ask: what day should I start with? Your intuition will guide you. It probably will be the day you found this article... you're reading it for a reason. You deserve more in your life! And sometimes it is necessary to clean some blocks for that. 


How to make affirmation work more effective:

Our Chakras as energy structures are very responsive to our thoughts and what we say to ourselves. But to make it even more powerful, I suggest you add an energy element. 

Every time you repeat the affirmation, do it three times. Our brain doesn't really believe from the first time. But we want to change negative patterns, right?

1. Repeat 3 times

2. When you repeat the affirmation, put a hand on the area of your chakra. 

When you repeat fist and second time: right hand on top of a left hand. As left hand is for cleaning. Then switch and put left on top as a right is for filling. 

On your first 2 repetitions imagine how blue or white light goes through your hand, circles through your chakra and clean it. You can see gobs of negative energy inside your chakra that are transformed into a light that comes from your hand. You are whole, loved and complete. 

On a third repetition imagine how a light that is the same color as a chakra (you see the color of chakras on affirmation card below). You can ask your Angels for help and ask them to provide an energy of high vibrations for you. Feel how your chakra fills with love from your Soul and Universe and healing energy you need. 

If you need a reminder where chakras are: 

Root: Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae

Sacral: Your womb area 

Solar Plexus: Gut area 

Heart: Middle of the chest (includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts.) "The fourth chakra is at the center of the seven chakras with three below and three above. This is the area where physical and spiritual meet." (The Chopra Center) 

Throat: Governs the anatomical regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx

Third Eye: Between your Eyebrows

Crown: Top of the head, thousand leaves Chakra at the crown of the head









Let me know how the process goes! I will be very happy to hear from you! 

You're here for a reason! Shine your Light and believe in the beauty of your heart! 

Love and Light,