7 Secrets to Women's Energy
Always exhausted? 7 ways to restore your energy
7 Secrets to Women's Energy
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- How often do you feel energized, powerful, fulfilled? 

- How often will be normal...? 

- Always. 


- Well, let's say 90% percent of the time. It is a life, so. 

- Doesn't make me feel better. *Groan* *Silence* You're kidding, right...? 


After having this conversation with 85% of women I work with I decided it is really a time to talk about our Energy.  If you are exhausted way too often, Tired or Feel like someone drawn you most of the time this article is for You. 

Let me tell you something. A little secret (if you already know it, worth to repeat it). Your feeling and your moods are mostly defined by the state of your energy system. By energy system I mean 7 of our subtle bodies, which forms a beautiful areal of energy around you sparkling with different colors. It doesn't matter if you can see or feel your aura or not, Your everyday state is the best reflection of your energy system. You don't really need to have or honestly saying even believe in any super physical abilities to work with your energy. Our brain is amazing this way.

Our subconscious doesn't understand verbal language. It understands only what we tend to call "feeling" or metaphors. The thought comes first, words form after. We can think without words, but not vice versa. It is a language that a subconscious understands. It is useless to talk with your subconscious in mind language. That's why any effective work that brings real results are based on the language the subconsciousness understands. 

“The subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest and our beliefs shape our lives. The power of the subconscious is about a million times greater than our conscious mind.” (Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.) 

This language is mostly visualization. When we see, we feel. (Please don't make me give sexual fantasy example) *shy* =)  That's why when you imagine your emotions in a form of energy, you literally contact with the deepest layers of your mind. It's science. You don't need to believe in all metaphysics stuff to do the work that helps.

Ready for some honest Talk with your subconscious? Let's do it. I will share with you some secrets about our energy system that helps you to balance it, feel more energized and happy right now. 

1.  You don't need to have any special abilities or believe in everything metaphysics suggests to do the work with your energy and feel better.

We covered this one in the introduction, but I think it is so important I want to point it out again. I see how many women block themselves waiting "until I gain some kind of skill" or "until I will be perfect". I struggled with this myself, so I am incredibly grateful to my mentors for this idea (simple and powerful) and I want to pass it to you: 

You don't have to be perfect to do smth and to improve your life to a higher level. 

Energy work is really simple as soon as you practice it.  It brings you balance and feeling of harmony, doesn't matter what state you're in right now. Why not try?

2. Any negative emotions settle in our emotional "body" making us feel or remember negativity we experienced in the past.

That's why constant cleaning is so important.

Any cleaning meditation that you like can help, try this free Guided meditation to release negativity. 

3. The emotional body is very sensitive to the environment, that's why it is very important to keep your energy boundaries safe

We tend to absorb energy around us. Especially it is true for sensitive people. Have you ever been in a situation when you feel pretty good and then you come to some crowded place and in minutes you feel completely drained, irritated, upset or afraid out of the blue? 

It happens when you took in energy around you. Imagine, every person around you has his own fears and negative emotions (positive too of course, but for some reason, we usually feel negativity first) and if you don't protect your energy you just take it all in. 

Ask your Soul for protection and imagine blue protective light around you. That let it share your beauty and feel the beauty of others, but protect you from negativity around so you can stay in a state of your own light. (It probably won't work very well when you are in the low state, as we attract what we feel (the same frequencies we are on). So take responsibility in the process and keep yourself in a good emotional state. Things happen and it's ok to feel bad, but try to get out of this as soon as you can, don't victimize yourself. As soon you start using energy protection from your Soul it will be easier and easier to keep in a feel-good, positive state.

3 Habits You Need To Set Healthy Boundaries 

4. Your health problems can be great guidance on your way to emotional happiness and harmony. 

Physical and emotional bodies are closely correlated. Even one is very much visible and understood and the other one is on energy level. If you ever heard about psychosomatics you clearly get what I am talking about. 

Most of our illness and uncomfortable feelings in the body come from negative emotions, fears, emotional pains we experience. 

There are amazing authors ( my favorite Luise Hey and Liz Burbo) who researched and wrote about it. Their work is life-changing. 

I am not saying that understanding this correlation can decide all your health problems. Many of them are consequences and needed to be cured in a traditional way. What I am saying is understanding of this correlation is what put your energy on the next level. 

Trust your body as your greatest friend on your way to harmony and happiness. Even if it brings you pain, it just wants to catch your attention. 


5.  Balance Your Chakras 

You might not know this, but your chakras which are the part of the energy system, have way in and way out. They circle taking energy from the back and giving it away in front. When your chakras open more in front it means you give more than you get which leads you to exhaustion. This is a very common problem for women, I see it all the time. Often we try to give much more than we receive.

That's why it is so important to balance giving and receiving and work with your chakras. 

6. Find the source of your femininity.

This is incredibly important in the question of our energy. I am fully aware that it could be not as important for you as it is for me.  But feminity is a great source of energy for every woman. I find it one of the greatest source of energy and fulfillment that can help to decide many worries and uncertainties. It's far away from being the answer to everything. But it is something fundamental and very influential in understanding your female side. And we're not talking about femininity you see on the screen of your phone or in Instagram, "show your body" or " have a perfect life/ look etc". This is NOT what I am talking about. 

That power comes from the inside, has the strength that hard to explain in words, but I'll try.  Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the second the Universe appears. The amazing flash of light, Big Bang or the desire of consciousness to manifest itself. The second the world is born... Atoms and molecules, stars and planets. Galaxies. 

Can you imagine, but science proved already that you consist of exact same particles that the whole Galaxie, the beauty of Stars, and Planets. You are. You are...the star, the Earth, the Universe. 

Back to the moment when Universe was born. In this is exact moment the female energy manifested itself. This the power that brought such a strong impulse to something (we don't know what) so the Galaxies appeared. Female energy is an impulse, passion, thrive to life in its fullness and the life itself. This is a strong power inside of you that comes together with acknowledging it. 

Look in your eyes in the mirror, this is where your power is. Inside. Remember, you are exactly as beautiful as the stars above your head. 

What is femininity for you? What brings you closer to feeling feminine? 

For many women it is: 

Taking care of yourself, your body and Soul.

Meditation (10 Best Guided Meditations on YouTube) 

Honest talks with your girlfriend. (Sharing our emotions raise our feminity)

Grab a lunch or coffee together more often.

Respect for your emotions and feelings (YOU ARE ALLOWED to feel what you feel. Your emotions are your power when you let them be (not let them power you) 

7. Restore your natural spontaneity.

One of the very important traits of female energy is spontaneity. Wonderful and beautiful quality that make our life so much better (if we don't use in a negative messy way :) 

Do something that your Soul desires today. It could be something really small, you don't need to give up everything and go on a round-world trip for a year to make yourself happy. Start with small things

Go for a walk in the park you wanted to visit for a while. Go and try on or buy that dress you really liked. It is about filling something pleasant and unusual in your routine. Something that will help you to enjoy yourself more and touch the variety of the world with your hands today. Even just a little bit. Any spontaneous move makes you close to the powerful source of feminine energy you have inside.

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