7 Energy Blocks that Create Insecurity
How to overcome feeling insecure
7 Energy Blocks that Create Insecurity
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Insecurity is a huge problem for women. How often you think during the day: "Am I doing it right? God, why does everyone look at me..?! How do I look? I need to call my friend and ask her if this outfit is ok, what was I thinking when I got dressed...?" 

Well. It's ok to be concerned about different things of course. But my question is: How much time during the day you spend worrying about different small things? Track yourself just for half a day. You'll be surprised. If you notice that the time you are distracted with uncertainties is more than 20% percent of your day these aren't concerns anymore, these are insecurities. And they take away your energy more than you can imagine. 

If you imagine your energy in a form of a beautiful oval around you, you'll see that the size of your oval is equal to how energized and full you feel every day. Imagine that random insecure thought, that doesn't seem to be so heavy at first is a hole in the oval that keeps your energy with You. When the hole is there, your energy blows off as a balloon. But what if there are tens of holes you form during the day? How well will you feel in the evening?

My point is really simple. Insecurities are what takes our energy away. 

Let's look at insecurities through the lens of our chakra system. Chakras are the channels that accept and give energy, we block the flow of energy with negative thoughts, negative emotions, and fears. 

7 Symptoms to define Energy Blocks that create insecurities: 

1. Your feet are cold often, it's hard to warm them and you have to wear very warm shoes even in a slightly cold weather 

Except for 7 main chakras, additional chakras help the flow of energy in our bodies. Feet Chakras are very important among them as they are directly responsible for accepting Earth, life energy. 

If you have this symptom you lack the feeling of safety and connection with the material world. 

You might feel unprotected, alone.  

Key block phrase: "You have to be STRONG". When it comes from fear we block the flow of our life energy in chakras.

2. The uncomfortable feeling in the womb area. Unbearably painful periods 

It says about blocks of your sacral chakra.

You feel a lot of insecurities about sex and yourself as a sexual woman, your body. You feel shy to be too sexual, you are terribly afraid of any aggression from a man. You have a good girl syndrome

Key block phrase: "Be  a good girl" 

Many women were suppressed in tens of our past lives, the experience could be so painful that we still keep it in our energy system and on a Soul level. 

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3. Pressure and uncomfortable feeling in your stomach

It says about blocks in your Solar Plexus Chakra. 

You can't protect your boundaries. You feel insecure in crowdy places, it seems that people are judging you often. It's hard for you to make decisions.

Many of our parents were too protective. Subconsciously they projected their own fears to kids. They wanted the best for a child, protecting and stopping, restricting and fighting, without realizing that child's brain started to form a habit to see a threat everywhere.

Key block phrase: "You're too small to..." 

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4. It is hard for you to breathe sometimes, especially when you are worried. You feel pressure in your chest area or back pain between shoulder blades

It says about blocks of your Heart Chakra. 

You experience resentment from time to time. You feel lonely often, you feel that your love isn't valued. Deep inside you don't believe you deserve love. 

Many parents who didn't t want to abuse a kid in any way, but wanted him to do what they wanted, found a new effective method: manipulating child's love. "Do you love your mommy? Then sit still" "Do you love your daddy? Then be a lawyer". Every kid wants to make his parents happy. If your parents used it often to make you do what they wanted, you could learn to block your own feelings and put them on the back to make others happy.

Key block phrase: "If you love me, you will...". "You have to because I love you" 

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5. You have a sore throat often. You feel the tension in your throat area

It says about blocks in your Throat Chakra. 

I see many women struggle with the common problem of "I will do it when ..." For example, I will find a respectful partner when I get fit until then I have to be satisfied with what I have. Or I will earn more when I have my third Ph.D. (I know first 2 were useless, but the 3d..!). Under these we usually hide the deep insecurity of not being good enough, not being worthy. It is easier to say You will when... then to admit you're afraid to. Our brain uses it as a "reason-based" explanation to protect us from meeting our fears.

The common reason for it can be the fact that someone in your family, parents (women most of the time) were victims. All your childhood they swallowed disrespect or aggression, low salaries for good work etc, etc. They probably discussed it a lot and found a thousand reasons why not... Why she couldn't leave a partner because of the kids, why she couldn't pursue her dreams because of ... why she couldn't ask for bigger salary because the world was hard on women ... (add your own story here) 

You could learn that women need to keep their mouth shut and carry on and it formed a lot of blocks with expressing yourself. You probably were told smth like: "You will understand when you grow up..." "When You go to college, then we talk..." "When You do that.. then you can..."  

Key block phrase: "You're not allowed to talk until..."

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6. A headache, uncomfortable feeling or pressure between eyebrows

It says about blocks in your Third Eye Chakra

You probably was a very sensitive kid and your feeling of the world was extremely deep. You saw (maybe still see) life in a form of images and to understand something you need to visualize it. As a child, you asked a thousand questions and suggested different concepts, so you were told often: "Get back to Earth! Stop daydreaming!" Or "Your head in the clouds doesn't take you far". Actually, it does. Ask Albert Einstein about this one. But if you didn't put a lot of effort to change this voice in your head, you probably block your intuition. You could be confused about your purpose, global vision of your life or your own personality, simply what you want to do with your future because your third eye chakra that gives us vision is blocked. 

Key block phrase: "Bring yourself back to earth! You have your head in the Clouds" 

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7. Heavy head, headaches, and migraines

It says about blocks in your Crown chakra. 

You probably secretly believe that spiritual is better than material. These ideas imbalance your energy system. Especially if you pay a lot of attention to spiritual and personal development.

You might have conflicting ideas, although you long for nice things, you say to yourself it is not important. But it is natural for a woman to desire. Female energy is the material energy of the Universe and often women's desires move the world. 

Key block phrase: "Spiritual is more important than money and comfort"

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