5 Steps to Align Every Day Life with Your Spirit
How to Feel More Connected To Yourself
5 Steps to Align Every Day Life with Your Spirit
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What is a spirit for you? What does it mean in your life? I believe the spiritual part of our lives is incredibly important. When we connect with ourselves, deeply and truly, we find "the missing part". We close the door to emptiness and feeling of not enough that used to haunt us before. The connection is the answer. What do I mean by that? 


Through my practice, I was observing that lack of connection is one of the reasons for anxiety, depression, panic attacks. These symptoms are usually the best guides, not torture ( I know it definitely seems this way!) on our way. When I recently talked about my struggles with anxiety, depression, and medications, I was surprised and deeply touched as I honestly already forgot how HARD it was. I exhaled some deep gratitude in the world and suddenly realized: the only reason I do what I love, take courage to do what I want, even if I am afraid is because I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE. 


My body, producing all the chemicals of anxiety and depression, will simply kill me if I will try to do what isn't right for me. I just CAN'T stand dishonesty, doubleness, arrogance, attempts to hide real feeling and thoughts or soul, love, abundance substitutions. It's not like "oh god I can't stand it, so pure me, the world is so hard...". (No, the world is beautiful). I just don't have any other choice. So I take full and complete responsibility to create a different world for myself. 


Do you have a choice? 


If you try to live your life, do, create, communicate, take shower through the prism of your Soul and heart I have some ideas for you.


We live our lives on different levels: spiritual, material, emotional, intellectual. Soul, Body, Heart, Mind. We learn different lessons, grow in all the areas. I believe all the levels are very important as this the beauty and art of life to align our values, feelings with everyday life. To align our beliefs and our deepest desires with honesty to the heart. This alignment is what I call connection with your own self. 


If You have a perfect life in one area, but a hole in the other, this is where emptiness comes along, reminding that something needs your attention. What is it? Where is the gap you need to fill? And how do all these areas LOOK, TASTE, FEELS in real life? What can you DO to balance your life right now? 


Here are some ideas to help: 


 I call it S.P.I.R.I.T formula. These practical steps help to balance your Soul, Mind, Heart, and Body. 


S.P.I.R.I.T formula stands for: 

1. S - Self-Love 

Why Important:  Self- love is a big term. It includes all areas of life. Respect for your emotions and feelings, love to your body. It clears our mind and clean negativity as many of our negative thoughts, worries and beliefs come from distractive self-image. What are we worried about most of the time? What people think about us and if we're doing things right, did he really mean that or...? 


More self-love and self-awareness can decide many of our problems with confidence and bring more happiness in our lives. 


How to:  1. Find the detailed tutorial to self-love here


2. Guided Meditation that helps to feel your body and love it more.

2. P - Passion 

When I say passion I don't mean you should definitely know what you are passionate about. It's a very popular idea: Know your passion and follow it. But isn't it important to know yourself first? What if you have a passion for many things? 


When I say passion I mean the taste of life, the joy of being, creative flow you bring to your everyday life, even the smallest things. Passion for life. 


Why important: The energy of creation is a drive for evolution, development, and growth. The creativity of any kind, even a creative outlook on our own selves moves us forward. 


But what is an energy of creation? It's born in the space of right hemisphere, where our brain synthesizes and analyzes millions of observations, emotions, facts, forming something new. 

3. I - Intuition 

Why ImportantWhen we can hear our intuition we feel more safe and protected in the world, we know that we will always find the answer no matter how hard the situation might be. Our intuition is a very important part of our journey, it helps us to understand our emotions better, to know what our body needs, to hear our Soul


How to develop: Our third eye chakra is responsible for our intuition. It is situated between eyebrows. To develop it you can simply massage this place, press on it and imagine how your third eye clears and you have clear vision and understanding of what you want and what steps you need to take to get there. 


4. R- Reseach 

Why important: Our brain is like a computer which remembers particular algorithms and repeats them on autopilot. That's why it is so important to give it different information to proceed


Imagine you were born in a very remote small African village and spend your whole life there. American scientist comes there and after looking at his strange square thing (which he calls phone), he jumps in excitement for 5 minutes because people land on Mars. He holds your hands and sincerely doesn't get why aren't you jump with him?


Mars...people... what? Well, he has to get into explaining as you really need to fill some gaps here. 


The same with anything you want to achieve or understand about yourself. Ideas don't come from the sky, you need information to proceed. The same works for self-discovery and better living. But choose carefully, don't waste your time and energy on what doesn't align with your values. It could be new and shocking for you, eye-opening and maybe you can even resist at first, all this is fine. But it never should put you low. 


How to: 


1. Personal Growth And Mindfulness Blogs

2. Personal Development Podcasts 

3. Self Development Audio Books 

4. 5 inspiring interviews that boost your female power to the highest level

5. T - Trust

Why Important: 


Sara Blakely (one of the self-made women billionaires, founder, and creator of Spanx, founder of Sara Blakely Foundation (In 2012, Sara signed the Giving Pledge, committing to give half her wealth to empower women), top 100 of the most influential people in the world:  


"I am most proud that I was able to achieve it in a very kind way. When I first started  I was at a cocktail party and three guys came to me and said: "Sara we've heard you've just started a business and invented something" And I said: "Yes".  And they go: "You know, business is war... I hope you're ready for a war." I went home that day, slipped on the floor and literally started crying. I remember thinking: "I don't want to go to a war! Why does it have to be a war? I wanna go about this in a completely different way..." So The whole journey of Spanx I really took a very feminine approach to it, I mean I didn't know the business, I've never taken a business class, I didn't have a business plan, I didn't raise any funds. So I trusted my gut, I stuck with intuition, I, you know, just did things that felt right. I think traditional business has been very male energy so I wanted to see what would happen if I take a very feminine approach" 


How to:  Learn more about Worth, respect your femininity and enjoy being a WOMAN! Love Yourself.


Respect your Feelings and Emotions, appreciate your sensitivity. (Practical Guide to using Sensitivity for Your Success)


Use Your senses, intuition, sensitivity, sympathy (what wonderful female gifts!) for planning, dreaming, forming your visions and ideas. (Guide to Intuitive Planning


"When you see me it's going make you proud and what you see is a WOMAN so full, I am overflowing to share with everybody else. I am going to own the fullness without ego, without arrogance, but with an amazing sense of gratitude that I've born at a time where I am female on the Planet and I have a great pleasure and freedom to fill myself up." (Oprah Winfrey) 


You deserve, being a woman on the Planet is already a sign big enough to say how beautiful and courageous you Soul is!


I truly hope it helps! 

With Love and Light, 


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