5 inspiring interviews that boost your female power
5 interviews that forever change the way you look at women
5 inspiring interviews that boost your female power
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When I watch these video I burst into tears, I laugh, I am on fire, I am inspired and I am enlightened. I am ready for more and I am ready for myself. I am ready to see the best the Universe created in me and I am ready to act on it. 


These my FAVORITE collection, interviews with women who made their way to the top THEMSELVES, who inspire the world and help us remember our truth, trust our heart and believe that what our deepest dearest feelings inside tells us about kindness, creativity, positivity, love, success and abundance is the most important voice to listen.



Rich, Deep, Informative Interviews, full of insights, passion, joy, compassion... Hope, You will Love them the same as I do!



1.  Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey 



"Our first job in life as women is to get to know ourselves...We spend our time looking out into the world to define who we are, listening to the messages, images, to the limiting definitions that people have of who we are, but if we live on these limiting definitions we miss a lot of who we are, but it takes time to know yourself"  



"You arrived here knowing who you were and I think this is the journey... " 







2. Sara Blakely and James Altucher 



Building Business from the place of the heart, building Wealth ( Sara is the youngest SELF-MADE FEMALE billionaire) from a place of Intuition, trust, spirituality, Believing and listening to your voice, what amazing lessons. If you ever question your personality to be too sensitive, too perceiving for great achievements in business, this one is MUST listen. 



 "Your enthusiasm and Your Passion is what stuck with me after you left" 



The podcast 







3. Brené Brown and Chase Jarvis



Honest, hilariously funny and gorgeous. Wise and JOYfull. All the real stuff about being creative, scared, courageous and alive. 



"The most dangerous thing you can do is think that those of us who achieved something have done it at all alone" 



"What most people don't know is that I am deeply introverted, I love being with my family, but as work, I am the happiest alone with my data"






4. Oprah Winfrey and Amanda 



Simply amazing. Life story, life wisdom of great achievements, deep connection with oneself and the journey of SOUL manifesting its talents on Earth. 



"I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand" I know that my being and who I am and where I am didn't come just out of myself, but come from my heritage, and so I own that and I step into that room not just as myself, but I bring all that energy with me"  




5.  Susan Cain and Marie Forleo 

 Are you an introvert? Have you ever felt that you are too sensitive for the rules of the modern world? Then this one is for you. 


“The underline theme of everything we’re talking about today is “take the pressure of”, you know, all of these ideas “I am a bad networker” or “I am not social enough”, all these things are the ideas that imposed on us culturally and we don’t have to own them, we can reframe it all"

You can shake the world gently (Gandi)