3 Ways to Boost Female Confidence
Why should we all learn more about feminine gifts...
3 Ways to Boost Female Confidence
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On our own way of growth and development each and every one of us struggles with the questions like "Why am I here?", "Why things happen this way..? Not any other way?" ,"Who am I...?". We are looking for answers with such an anticipation that sometimes we forgot that before we find an explanation we have to build the basic understanding of our core. Before we see a variety of greatness of our personality, we have to find understanding of our nature. Why was I born a WOMAN? What is the difference between two genders? What UNIQUE characteristics does it give me? What POWER and excellence does only femininity have?


Woman is a pearl, the most essential present of the Universe. She is a guide and the power of creative energy that actualize everything in the world. From war to the greatest inventions.

That's why I believe that the first and very important thing to do on the way to opening the power of feminine energy is:

  1. Understanding and realization of its greatness

  2. Experience and feel your own deep connection with the world, nature and the Universe

  3. Realize our hidden talent and the power of our own self and of our feminine side

Have you ever took any training on femininity and didn't really like it? I guess you did, the same as I. I was wondering why most of info and trainings didn't have as deep impact as I expected. I continued my journey and reached the point where I finally had the whole system of different knowledge. I puzzled out the questions I was asking myself for quite a long time. I finally formed and developed the structured understanding of what feminine nature is, of its great power and depth I want to explore more every day.


What I realized is that many trainings give strong but short-term effect. If you are like me on this, if you like to go deep in everything in life and find the core of every important aspect for you, then you are on the right page! If from your early childhood  you used to ask "why, why, why?" about everything especially the most meaningful questions in life which other people find quite odd and they couldn't give you answer detailed enough (I know this feeling!!)) then probably you are a seeker (and explorer) and you are the one who invents new systems and build fundamental philosophies that inspire many generations.


You are the one who needs fundamental knowledge, basic and deep understanding of the world, your own self, your nature and power.


This is what I do. I build a core of knowledge. A system that helped me and can help other people to open their true powerful nature. To empower themselves. To understand the greatness and uniqueness of feminine nature.


I learned, practice and collected the knowledge. I always felt like I was born to do smth great in life ( I believe you feel me on that!)). I feel that my life purpose is to shine my light and to help other people to find the light of their own, which everyone has. So I cut all poetic worlds to this SIMPLE formula. Connect to our true self through SIMPLE steps and learning basic principles of the Universe, energy, body, soul and relationships.


Why do I start with the feminine energy and why do I think it is so important?

First of all, I truly believe this question is on the edge right now. First of all because of feminism movements. I am the feminist, I would say we are equals. But we are nor the same! Our inner being is different and this is the beauty of having man and the woman in the world.


Why would we follow men’s path if we have such a great power of our nature in our hands?  The journey of opening your femininity lifts you off to the power in you. (it's could be hard for you to imagine exists)


 3 powerful reasons to be proud to call your name - Woman


1. Femininity is deep love and respect to your own self.


Connection with the Universe,  trust to the world and support from the world back, great inspiration and success in doing what you love, talent in connections and communication, inspiration for other people, enjoyment, the spirituality (spiritual core), serving the world, love inside, work and the family, confidence.


2. Femininity is positivity.


When you open your heart you let in yourself so much love and abundance that this energy and emotions just keep you positive most of the time. Of course, there are ups and downs for everyone, but what is important is what mood you have MOST of you time, this makes you who you are. Not the perfect state, but the GROWING state.


When we are growing as a person and feel good most of the time, we form the core of confidence inside. The feminine energy gives you confidence. It becomes a base of your courage. Why? When you know why you are unique, when you open the power that waits for you inside, you subconsciously build your confidence step by step because now you know how special and important you are as a person and as a WOMAN.


3. Femininity is joy.


Researchers proved that we feel happiness, bliss and delight when we experience deep connection and belonging. Femininity gives you energy and inspiration to connect on a deeper level, to see people through and reveal their best parts. Femininity has a gift of communication, listening and being authentic. The nature of women is connection. With Yourself, nature, others. It brings so much joy and opens opportunities. It leads to happiness and deep satisfaction as you can feel inside that you do something meaningful, bring good to you and the world.


Let’s start the journey! I hope you feel me on this and if the next small chapter will resonate with you can learn more in this Free practical Guide.


You are a WOMAN. You are unique and splendid, you are the most important and precious part of the Universe.



Psychology says (it’s a proven fact that) our character develops according to what we see and pay attention to regularly. Or our habits sooner or later define who we are. Or What we pay attention to we become.


That' s why the more you read and learn about your greatness, having an a-ha moments and finding the confirmation in your own life, the more you empower yourself.


Generations of women suffered. Our grandmothers and grand grandmother. So here we are, this generation, to find the feminine power and to raise the voice. Here we are to teach next generation what is it to love yourself, to be unique, to open your own power and to be useful for the world. To make it better with the greatness of your own special talent and with the beauty of knowing your nature and exploring your feminine energy.


You are a woman and you are special. (You are the most important and precious part of the Universe.) Unfortunately (through all suffering woman go through) this sacred knowledge were forgotten. But now with the growth of spirituality and consciousness, the awareness of woman power and the tools to develop it are rising.


It is a great gift to be a woman. This is a reward to be a big (tremendous) part and the creator of incredible nature and world around us.

Have you ever experienced a deep absolute connection with the nature around you? You know this feeling... when you are the world, when you feel like you can do anything and be anyone you want to be. When touch of the wind deeply impress you and you can't help smiling and it feels like the earth and the air around you vibrate with a pleasure and joy.


In this moments all nature seems to be complete and absolutely beautiful... powerful and very calm at the same time. It touches the depth of our hearts, support and inspire us. This is what femininity is.


Imagine but all this and even more are inside of you, because you were born a woman. You were chosen by the Universe, you are her sister-in-arms, her beloved daughter, you are the beginning of everything, the bosom of life, the reason of existence, you are the power of life, death and creation.


All love of the Universe, all it's greatness and caress and tenderness are concentrated inside of YOU and inside of all women of the mankind.  You know everything about kindness, beauty and the greatest things on Earth. You have all wisdom and power to reach your dreams, success, to realize anything you want.


Our Soul has all knowledge about our uniqueness, talents and strength. About the wisdom of our life lessons. The woman is a хранительница of the Soul. Feminine energy is a voice of the Soul... is her raising in the World.


With deep Love and appreciation,




PS. To find as huge appreciation of Your Feminine Greatness inside of you download this Book of Affirmation I made with love to our feminine gift! It's a real deal breaker and changed a lot for me in accepting my own power. Get it here.

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