3 step to get along with the energy of the Universe
3 Ways To Balance Your Life
3 step to get along with the energy of the Universe
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The universe is completely flexible material. You have to TRUST what is inside of You. Not a creepy loud voice that says you how everything goes wrong or how you have to run from here (run fast!:) but a Deep, very silent voice (or more like a feeling) that KNOWS what you are capable of.


There are different situations in life, we all come from the completely different background. It is easy to talk if… ( add your own version of it here), I know. But there are understanding of energy that Universe manages to provide through hearts and minds of different people that are true for everyone. We have completely different circumstances, conditions and ideas "why not to". But the World is honest. And the same principles of the Universe work for everyone. No matter what your story is. And it is only YOUR choice to get stuck on what you've been through or use the information that is available to change it and create the life on your terms. Create the life you dream to have. 


What usually stands on our way? Troubles, hard situations, painful experiences. This is exactly what I want to talk with you about today. Because one of the most important truth we can realize on our way to greatness is that troubles are gifts. 


The World doesn’t try to kill you or even make you feel bad or make you fall on your knees and cry. No, It doesn’t. Let’s admit, Universe has much more important work to do than trying to test your stamina.


This is you who needs it, this is You who needs to know how strong you are. Universe already knows it.


The World doesn’t care if you are happy or not, it just reflects your intentions. Every human on the planet has a free will to create whatever he wants, it’s a law. Your Soul chose this body, country, and family because these are the perfect circumstances for your unique existence to realize your unique, one-of-a-kind potential.


Why do we have so many troubles then?!


Let’s theoretically divide our thoughts into two categories, ideas about what we want to have and thoughts about what we actually have, about our everyday life.


Somehow we often believe that what we want reflects something about us. “Why can’t I have it?! The world doesn’t love me…” But this is a lie. What we actually HAVE is a REFLECTION of our beliefs. It is what we think about the most, it is what we feel on a daily basis. Even if we don’t notice it.


I just saw the girl passing by with deep dissatisfaction on her face. Her lips were screwed, her brows were frowning, her expression was tense.  I am sure that if  I stopped her and told what I saw on her face, she would say something like: “It can’t be true, I wasn’t experiencing anything special at that moment”.

Exactly. She wasn’t because this is a condition that has been played by her subconscious on the background. This is the state of her mind that she is so getting used to, she doesn’t notice, it has become natural.


When she will face some aggressive situation in her life, with the mindset like this, she will blame the world, other people or circumstances. But the real reason is the emotions she experiences most of the time without recognizing.


What you believe in is exactly what is making your life the way it is.


Your mind is your world.


Are we creating the bad stuff to…? YES. I know it’s hard to admit I know it’s painful. But this is the only way to CHANGE.


Do you want to stop putting yourself down? Do you want to stop struggling?


I don’t have a universal recipe to make life a fairytale but I know how to USE troubles as your greateеs gifts and really align your life with the Universal laws. Here some practical ideas for you: 



1. Accept that your life is constant growth and let go of "victim" mode 


Everything you have was designed by You. Yes, it is hard to admit. But it is. Your beautiful Soul created different plans to grow. And you are absolutely free to choose to grow through pain or happiness, achievements or failures. You choose. But What does growth mean and what we really choose from if we imagine every decision as an intention? And how to differentiate it in this big huge world?


Growth is moving from negativity to positivity.  Mentally and energetically. Yes, that simple.


The universe is amazing this way. It gives, but it’s giving is always an answer to what you believe about yourself.


Positivity is simply trusting that you deserve better. Of course, you say you want best for yourself and you believe you deserve.  You think that until you fail. Deep in the hole, you were so afraid to appear in. You KNOW you want best. But Fear always wins. That’s why it is so important to work on it and it leads us to step number 2. 


2. Acknowledge your fears


Negativity is simply what we are afraid of. Perceptions we formed, that now are in our subconsciousness.


Unfortunately painful situations are one the most effective ways to figure our your fears.

“ Life is the dance between what you fear the most and what you desire the most” Tony Robbins.

This is how our Soul grows on Earth. Making decisions between past painful experiences and disappointment, the pain that wasn’t healed and the feeling of Universal truth, the moral principles and Values that drive something inside of you.


What are you choosing? Fear or Trust? Trust to the Universe, to the best path you can have, the people who can teach you important things if you pay attention. Or do you choose fear to be betrayed, to be overplayed, to lose?


How to acknowledge your fears? 


If you mastered the first step really well it will be easy for you. Why? Because you don’t take circumstances for granted. You know a good life is what is there for you, troubles are just guidance to it.


Every troubled situation comes from your fear. EVERY single one of them. You just need to find what fear is and reprogram your mind for better results. 


How often when something hard happens you say: “I KNEW, I KNEW it will happen” The best phrase you can have. Stop for a second, this is exactly where your fear is.


It happened not because “it always happens, you knew it!”. But because you attracted it with your fear.


I remember before we got married we used to fight a lot for some short period of time. He got upset and shut down. I felt alone as we moved to a different country and blamed him for this feeling.

One day we got into a huge fight and I thought: “God, I KNEW IT! He is such an a*****”

And Then I got it. You know this feeling when you suddenly start to think very clearly after a hard panic attack? This is what happened. I just simply asked myself: “How have I knew it?” I wanted a happy life, fulfilling relationships, right? This is what I was aiming for in my mind. How the fuck I knew it then?


The only possible reason will be if somewhere deep inside my subconscious mind that situation was what I believed should happen to me. How else would I be so sure?


So I wrote down the belief that made me think that way. I meditated first. Ok, “I don’t trust men,” I wrote. What else? Do I think they are weak in spirit…? Oh, God, I do.


What would be the opposite of that?  I trust men. Men are trustworthy. They are worth a trust. I believe I attract very good men who take care of me.


I repeated it every day for at least a month. Actually, I have a collection of affirmation I was writing every morning (still do) in different challenging periods of life. It works. It truly does.


If you want to try here are some affirmations for you


3. Use media, the information you perceive as a litmus paper for your fears


Explore your unconscious mind with the help of information you consume. How often do you watch video or movies or read different stories? Every day, right?


Use this time.


We all can easily notice when some kind of emotion, the discomfort of very slight touch of fear occur when we interact with other people’s stories. We just don’t pay attention.


As soon as we start to notice this slight feeling of fear we benefit. When you notice it, take a deep breath and give your mind an opposite thought. This exercise won’t make big changes at once.


But small things matters. It works like a snowball effect. If you will face your fear in real life, your mind will already have hints. It would already have some ideas opposite to your fear.


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